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Haven St. No. 302 Warlock

by Haven St. Premium Cannabis

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Haven St. Premium Cannabis Cannabis Flower Haven St. No. 302 Warlock

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About this product

Haven St. No. 302 Warlock has been bred specifically to create a balance of THC and CBD. This flower boasts a mixture of earthy, spicy, and citrus aromas, and is coated in a sticky layer of trichomes. THC: 10% | CBD: 10% Aroma: Citrus, Earthy, Spice Strain: Warlock Plant Type: Hybrid Dominant Terpenes: d-Limonene, beta-Caryophyllene, beta-Myrcene, Guaiol, alpha-Humulene Available in 1g and 3.5g

About this brand

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Founded in quality and our pursuit of innovation, Haven St. Premium Cannabis offers a curated collection of flower, pre-roll, vape and tea products. To help you decide among the varying effects of our products, we have built a 5-block address system for easy exploration. The five blocks on Haven St. tell a unique story, with the intensity of experience increasing from The 100s to The 500s Block. With quality of the upmost importance we strive to deliver a consistent premium cannabis experience on every Haven St. Block. Our creative and intuitive approach aims to help you make confident and informed cannabis choices based on your desired effects. So, are you looking for something familiar, or do you want to discover a completely different perspective? Wherever you’re going, Haven St. can take you there. Discover the Haven St. Neighbourhood: Peace. The 100s Block. High CBD. Dissolve the burdens of the body and mind. Begin anew. Reset. The 200s Block. Balanced THC and CBD. Relax body and mind to unwind, decompress and let the day melt away. The world is still. Focus. The 300s Block. Balanced THC and CBD. Free the mind for enhanced clarity and focus. Let thought and creativity flow. Drift. The 400s Block. High THC. Leave behind all that infringes upon the waking body. Submit to the dream world and its drowsy bliss. Rise. The 500s Block. High THC. Excite your senses and spark social connections.

About this strain


  1. Myrcene
  2. Caryophyllene
  3. Limonene

Warlock is an indica-dominant strain bred by Magus Genetics through crossing Skunk and Afghani varieties. Its stimulating, focused buzz sharpens the mind against inattention and boredom, and may help those struggling with ADD/ADHD. With a sweet and sour aroma, Warlocks ushers in its mellow stress-relieving and engaged effects. Some Warlock varieties have been bred to contain higher levels of CBD to ward off pain, inflammation, and other ailments. Indoor Warlock plants finish flowering in 55 to 60 days, or at the end of October in outdoor gardens.

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Sun Apr 14 2019
If your looking for an interesting, balanced strain(thc/cbd) this would not be my pick. However, if your in the market for a low potency indica that helps you relax and sleep, this could be a solid choice. My issue with Warlock is that it seems to lack synergy between its thc, cbd and terpenes. In other balanced strains I enjoy I find their is usually a tell tale feeling I get from the cbd content thats not present in Warlock. If I was to smoke it with no background information I would say it feels like a low potency indica best suited for relaxation and sleep.