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More about cannabis seeds

Browse a wide selection of feminized and auto-flowering cannabis seeds from the best seed banks and companies near you. The culture of growing weed from seeds continuously evolves and you can buy premium seeds online or in-store in these states. Shop your favorite weed strain seeds from licensed growers and dispensaries.

For beginner growers, check out Leafly’s guide to growing marijuana for some great tips and tricks on growing seeds to help you maximize your first harvest.

Frequently asked questions about cannabis seeds

What are cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds are the most common form of growing cannabis. Starting with planting a seed in the soil, cannabis plants need tender care for them to grow into healthy adult plants.

Are cannabis seeds legal?

Cannabis seeds are legally considered to be the same as any ordinary cannabis plant. This means that if cannabis plants are illegal in your state, so are cannabis seeds.

What are the benefits of growing cannabis with seeds?

Growing cannabis with seeds will make your cannabis plant less susceptible to disease. The alternative (cloning cannabis plants) leaves them at a greater risk.

What are the downsides of growing cannabis with seeds?

Growing cannabis from seeds is considered to be a far more difficult and laborious process compared to cloning.

Where can you buy cannabis seeds?

You can shop cannabis seeds online through Leafly. This page will display our full listing of marijuana seeds for sale at a shop near you.

How old must you be to purchase cannabis seeds?

In states where growing personal cannabis plants are legal, adults must be over the age of 21 in order to purchase and cultivate cannabis seeds.