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Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Barbara Bud.

Barbara Bud effects

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30 people reported 215 effects
73% of people report feeling relaxed
50% of people report feeling sleepy
26% of people report feeling uplifted
26% of people report feeling euphoric
23% of people report feeling happy
Dry mouth
36% of people report feeling dry mouth
Dry eyes
20% of people report feeling dry eyes
16% of people report feeling dizzy
10% of people report feeling anxious
6% of people report feeling headache
40% of people say it helps with pain
40% of people say it helps with stress
33% of people say it helps with insomnia
23% of people say it helps with depression
Lack of appetite
23% of people say it helps with lack of appetite


June 27, 2015
Dry mouth
*sigh* Sadly, there is no "Clickity-Click.. BARBARA Trick!" Here at all!! I had SUCH high hopes for this one!! But I was left rather disappointed. I was hoping for the pain relief this was reported to be relatively famous for but...... Again, just like in my review for WHITE WIDOW, if I could give 1/2 a star I would have given this one 2 1/2 Stars. Now that being said, let me go over the pros AND cons for me at least.... This is not to say everyone feels this way or that my experience is going to be the exact same as you will have, but for me the breakdown is like this..... Smell and appearance was nice, the smell I was expecting to be more fruity like I have seen in a few reviews... Disappointment #1.. The smoke was nice clean and did last for a pretty good amount of time and the fact that I did not cough much at all is also a bonus, so there is the 2 1/2 stars right there. But it did little for the pain relief. I had to mix it with some other strains to do better in the pain department which is sad because out of several reviews on a few sites, I decided to not just buy this strain, but Tilray had a deal for 15 grams for $100. so it worked out to be like $6.66 per gram. But the silver lining I guess would be that I can use it to make special butter for baking! That will be putting it to the best use! And it made me really tired and so it is good for people who are having a real hard time with getting to sleep or suffer from bouts of insomnia. I would have given another star for that fact, but I do not suffer from insomnia so... No dice on that one. (Hey like I said, my experiences could very well differ from yours, and the reasons I got it could and likely are different that what you may be looking for) On the plus side, if you are looking for a rather mild stone or are quite sensitive to THC and do not need a high %-age to get the relief you need then this can quite easily become a 31/2 to 4 star product for you... Just not for me... Sorry Barbara... I had such high hopes.. I am still looking for reasons to give it more than a 2 1/2 star rating, but I just can't. If I suffered from insomnia then sure, but like I said I don't so 2 1/2 it remains for me.
September 29, 2014
Dry mouth
So far I am still trying to figure out the correct dosage as I made it into a cooking oil and baked it into brownies to treat my concussion injuries. I ground it using a coffee grinder and put it into two cups.of simmering olive/vegetable oil that had a 23% fat content and got 4 batches of brownies out of it. Admittedly I overdosed the first time (as I used streetbud the last time, and only cut it with scissors and this time I had a coffee grinder to use) and was tripping out badly to two larger pieces, and even did a bit this evening when I had a smaller piece (the pieces I will use from now on will be maybe a cubic inch in size), but my eyes' sensitivity to light is pretty much gone and much of the muscular pain is gone. Still have some head pain but even when tripping out on the overdose, I was able to keep a clear enough head to not panic. Will add another review once I figure out the correct dosage.
March 9, 2016
Decent indica but nothing much else.
October 16, 2016
got barbara bud from house of the great gardener very dense buds with lots of trychome ! smell like candy ? and taste amazing. this strain help for my ocd & tourette.
April 10, 2016
Dry mouth
Not a bad Indica, if your a new smoker or just looking for something light.. I enjoy this strain once in a while, but it's not for me as I enjoy the psychoactive effects too much to stick to a strain like Barbara Bud.
October 4, 2016
Dry mouth
This is a good bud for symptom relief without getting blasted. I prefer Strawberry Cookies or Harlequin over Barbara.
December 11, 2014
THC 13.3%, CBD 0; $8/g from Tilray This was the third strain I've tried so far. It was very different from Rene Mist and Jack Herer, and I much preferred it. The negatives aren't as bad, and the high is much more enjoyable for me. It took awhile to actually get my order. I had to wait 'til after the weekend for it to be shipped, then the carrier messed up and delayed it another day. The packaging was a bit excessive, and came with another free grinding mat. Despite the extra packaging, when I opened the bag, I found all the buds squished together into a single big blob. A couple stems were maybe a bit longer than need-be, and there were a few tiny pieces of leaves floating around. The buds feel dry in my hands when I'm breaking them up, but are actually quite sticky, given the way they gum up my grinder and vaporizer. The smoke when I vape this is a sickly sweetness I am not fond of. The only other thing I don't like about Barbara Bud is its potency, which is quite low. I have to take a fair bit at a time to get the most pain relief, and that makes it hard to stretch my 0.5g through the whole day. With Rene Mist and Jack Herer, I couldn't manage 0.5g a day because they were too potent. The high from this indica is pretty pleasant. Still dry eyes, dry mouth, and dizziness, but none as badly as with the JH and RM. Instead of making me jittery, BB relaxes me and makes me feel really mellow. It doesn't help with my nausea, but at least it doesn't make it worse, like the sativa high did. I still get tingly, and feel uplifted. I don't feel sleepy or glued to the couch, but maybe a bit sluggish. Also, most of my senses are dulled. I get maybe 15% direct pain relief at the amounts I'm taking. However, I am also better able to handle my pain, because of the mellow, uplifted state generated. The effect on my focus is quite interesting. I can focus in on something until I'm almost absorbed by it. Since I usually have trouble focusing on things, I was happy to discover this effect. However, it makes multi-tasking nearly impossible. If I'm having a conversation with someone, for example, I can't do anything else at the same time, or I might zoom in on that and lose track of what's being said. A nice complement to the focus is a boost in creativity, or at least motivation to do something creative. Between the pain relief, the focus, and the creativity, I can happily spend most of the day working on some project, so long as I keep the high going. While this is the best pain relief I've had yet from weed, it still isn't as significant relief as morphine or percocet. However, those put me straight to sleep, and have long-term effects I don't care for, so I prefer the Barbara Bud.
September 24, 2019
An overwhelming sense of relaxation and serenity. Powerfull effects within minutes. Nothing else compares.
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