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Purple Monkey Balls reviews

Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Purple Monkey Balls.


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73 people reported 527 effects
Relaxed 72%
Happy 52%
Euphoric 46%
Uplifted 34%
Sleepy 34%
Stress 32%
Pain 27%
Insomnia 21%
Depression 19%
Lack of appetite 19%
Dry mouth 30%
Paranoid 20%
Anxious 19%
Dry eyes 8%
Headache 1%


June 28, 2015
I'm no creative essay major, journalist, or newspaper columnist, but this shieeeet makes me want to write a short story about how wonderful it is. If you have plans, due dates, meetings, etc. I do not suggest you smoke this within like... 3 hours before(unless you can sleepwalk). Relaxing and somewhat euphoric. Love love love. Likex400 on the likeness scale. Like it, Love it, Gotta MUHTHAFUCKN HAVE IT BEAT THAT, COLD STONE.
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April 4, 2017
"This bud is Purple as F**k!, like my nuts!, are those loaded?" -Harambe last words Method of consumption: Volcano Vaporizer Pros: Fast acting indica that hits the body for pain and relaxation. Some mild euphoria/head effects that are uplifing. Cons: Dry mouth & very dry eyes so have eye drops handy. Overall/Other: Smooth draw and exhale. Had a little different taste that was more sweet/earthy with berry notes. Very dark purple flower. Can make you tired. Some couch lock, no muchies. I would recommend this strain if you need relaxation or pain relief. A good nightime strain or for relaxing around the house.
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February 21, 2015
I have been growing and tasting the elite qualities of this plants pure uplifting nature for years. I LOVE IT. We hope to keep it for many years to come. I love it's Indica qualities that are good anytime of the day because of its balance with smooth sativa energies. Helps with lack of appetite, stress, mood swings, despression, uplifting, helps the flow of creativity and ease pain in joints and muscles. So not to mention its amazing taste profile, when you grow this bud and cure it just right, its simply unmatched in flavor. This is the best purple I have ever had.
13 people found this helpful
March 23, 2015
wow movement is so hard right now I'm really trying best here to type but child acting can ruin your familya 2003 year suburbia I'm always moving slowly like a planet under the hand of carlsagon. salad elbow
10 people found this helpful
March 30, 2016
Don't let the name fool ya this strains is a son of a bitch-en high! It'll calm what ill's you may have.. And then some. Oy! Growers with these names have gotten out of hand lol. But this girl is worth a smoke. Totally grab a gram if you see in your local dispensaries. It'll slap you around.. In a good way.
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May 13, 2016
Purple Monkey Balls has the strongest smell and flavor of any bud I have ever smoked. Everybody I know loves this stuff and can’t get enough. The reason you don’t see more of the PMBs is that it doesn’t yield much weight. I only grow it as a labor of love of great tasting bud. I have grown PMB indoors in an aeroponic systems a few times now with THC scores over 28%. The plants are extremely compact Indicas. They will turn purple when exposed to colder night time temperatures, but mostly just on the outer leafs when grown indoors. They are fully ripe in about 10 weeks of flowering; but make sure to grow them as big as you can in veg because they don’t get that much bigger when they go into flowering. Indoors they may only stretch 1-2 feet during flowering. They have very tight internodes and dense leafs that shade each other. If you prune this plant you may regret it. It grows so dense naturally that when topped, the leafs block each other’s light. In hydro you will definitely need a chiller for your reservoir as the roots are not overly root rot resistant or high temperature tolerant. The buds also take longer to trim than most due to the dense leafs. My friend is growing 2 PMBs outdoor. With well-drained soil the roots may be happier than in hydro and in the cool fall nights the buds will be totally purple!
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April 19, 2015
A Relaxed High, with feel good energy. Great nighttime high. So far my favorite indica.
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August 8, 2016
if you are lucky enough to find this strain, get some! pungent beautiful and tastes really good. but I recommend saving this strain for evening or those lazy days. smells so good, I wanna eat it.
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