A cannabis concentrate with a consistency similar to saltwater taffy. Taffy is slightly heated, then stretched and twisted to expose it to oxygen, changing its consistency. It is sometimes called “pull ‘n’ snap” and is commonly made from rosins. 

“Taffy is my favorite extract because it’s so easy to work with and is flavorful.” 

What is taffy?

The cannabis concentrate taffy, also known as “pull ‘n’ snap,” is made using a method similar to saltwater taffy. A little bit of heat is applied to the extract and then it is stretched and twisted—the goal is to expose as much of it as possible to air so it can be oxygenated, which changes its consistency. 

Taffy is usually made from rosins, or concentrates created through heat and mechanical separation, but can be made with chemical extractions as well. Taffy is thought to be more stable than many other consistencies, and less likely to “auto-butter,” or crystallize and break up over time. 

Taffys are commonly made with a machine for efficiency but can be made by hand as well.