Thai stick

An ancient cannabis product originating in Thailand, in which cured cannabis flower is packed around a bamboo stick, wrapped in cannabis fan leaves, and then bound with hemp string. It is essentially the first example of a cannabis cigar, or canna-gar. 

“Thai Stick was my favorite back in the day.”

“What kind of weed was in Thai Stick?”

What is a Thai stick?

Thai sticks originated in the northeastern region of Thailand. It is impossible to say when it was invented, however, it first made its way to the US during the Vietnam War. Soldiers and travelers visiting Thailand brought back these first-generation cannabis cigars and they were massively popular for two decades. 

The supply chain dried up in the 80s, however, cannabis cigars are popular in legal markets of the US today. 

Difference between a Thai stick and a cannabis cigar

There isn’t a whole lot of difference between Thai sticks brought to the US in the 1960s and ‘70s and what you can find at a cannabis shop today. Both usually include ground-up cannabis wrapped in cannabis fan leaves. Today’s cannabis cigars might differ in not being wrapped in hemp string. 

Original Thai sticks were usually made with a specific type of cannabis—landrace strains from Thailand. In this way, Thai sticks differ from canna-gars, as producers today can fill their canna-gars with any type of flower(s) they want.