Tree perc

A percolator that looks like a tree, with a main trunk and several branches. Smoke comes up through the main trunk to the top, and then is diffused through the many branches and through the water in a bong or dab rig. These branches can also have additional diffusers at their ends, further refining the smoke. Like all percolators, a tree perc diffuses smoke, cooling it and making hits smoother and less harsh. 

“Tree percs are delicate but do an amazing job at cooling the smoke.”

Pros and cons of a tree perc

Like all percolators, tree percs diffuse smoke by creating many small bubbles, which increases the surface area and helps cool smoke. Smoking through a percolator creates a smoother, cooler, cleaner hit.

Tree percolators are compact and their many branches create a high amount of diffusion in a small amount of space, and because of this they are popular in bongs and dab rigs. These small bubbles also make the bong or dab rig less noisy when using it. Tree percs are also aesthetically pleasing. 

However, tree percs can be difficult to clean, like many intricate percolators. They are difficult to reach and delicate. If you are going to invest in a tree perc, be sure it’s made of strong glass. 

How to clean a tree perc

Percolators are notoriously hard to keep clean. Their intricate and delicate nature combined with their position in a bong or dab rig make them next to impossible to scrub. To clean them, you will need to completely submerge the perc and maybe the whole piece in isopropyl alcohol for a few hours. 

Depending on the bong or dab rig, you may be able to pour in alcohol and close off the ends. Add coarse kosher salt in with the alcohol to help remove built-up resin, and give the piece a few shakes every 20-30 minutes. 

After a majority of the resin has been removed, pour out the alcohol and salt, give it a rinse, let it dry, and you can start using it again.