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Paris OG

to me this OG is different from the other OG's, Paris well make you sleepy but really happy and not that hungry. it's a different type of indica it's hard hitting but it keeps you smiling :) 10 / 10 similar to Skywalker OG and SFV OG. (my opinion)

Purple Mr. Nice Guy

It's 10/22/15 and I just put this on sale today for my patients. I harvest 4 1/2Lbs of this Flower a week ago and it's GREAT. my patients say it's a great indica so I'm about to see for myself...................52mins Later it's a GREAT indica flower I love it if you have insomnia or pain this is great 10/10 thanks to sage collection house of seeds in Indio, California for this flower.

Blackberry Rhino

I smoked a outdoor version of this flower and it was REALLY GOOD not as good as the indoor but it was still good.


nice not bad indica, this flower has a Hog's Breath look but a better smell and high. this flower I recommend to all insomnia and pain ppl. 8/10

Bhang Yoda OG

not bad very sleepy high and also very strong you can feel yoda OG kick in.

Strawberry Cough

smelled great looked great But it is not that great (my opinion) the high is not that strong and it doesn't last long. 6/10

Maui Wowie

everyone claims they still have this strain trust me even we don't have the true breed of this flower it started dying off in mid 90's but you still can find similar strains.


the wonderful and famous GSC when this came out the whole California was going crazy for this bud. it's a great flower and very happy that this flower was created. alot of flowers has a lot of similarities to them but when it comes to Girl Scout cookies you know you're smoking GSC. in my opinion one of a kind bud

Dank Schrader

I love my indicas and this is NOW my number one. I've grown Skywalker OG, Tora bora, Yoda OG and many more indicas but this one was a great flower if you are a indica lover you'll like this one. if you have insomnia then this will put you right to sleep. 20/10!!!!

Yoda OG

one of my personal favorite OG's and trust me I've grown A LOT OF OGs. for me I like my OGs but it's gotta be a hard hitting indica and this is one of them hard hitting ones. Yoda OG is great for sleep and just being lazy for the day. I always have either Tahoe OG or Yoda OG on me to smoke. the next best flowers for this indica type is Skywalker OG and king Louie 13 but if you have access to Yoda OG get the Yoda. 20/10!!!! great indica very potent