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Gorkle {{value}} {{symbol}}Gor {{category}}Sativa


5| 2 Reviews

What is Gorkle?

Gorkle is a cross between The Fork and Rebel God Smoke. This sativa-dominant strain exhibits the better parts of it Hawaiian genetics through an uplifting and stimulating body buzz that lingers for hours. Its effects are also easy on the joints and limbs in a nod to its recessive Rug Burn OG genetics. Consumers seeking relief from fatigue and lethargy may also find this strain to be very useful. Enjoy Gorkle during the day to maximize its physical stimulation. This strain was handcrafted by Colorado Seed Inc. 

Where to Buy Gorkle

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Gorkle Effects and Attributes

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Gorkle Genetics and Grow Info

Gorkle Flavors

  • 1. Sweet

Review Highlights

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Most Helpful

“40% head 60% body. Nice flavor 20 or 30 min before full affect. Clear headed but very relaxed, reduced pain. Productive clear thinking very nice overall feeling. Not stuck to couch but body fully relaxed after a long week. This is new favorite. I am ready for bed 3 hrs after a good vape taste, with a little addition an hour ago and so is it.... good nite.”

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“Love this strain. Happy, Calm, Relaxed but not glued down. I can really settle in to a show or game and enjoy either. I think this will be a favorite for a long time.”


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