Sour Breath

Sour Breath

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What is Sour Breath?

Sour Breath is an odiferous sativa-dominant strain from parent strains Lamb’s Bread and Sour Diesel. This strain imbues consumers with uplifting mental effects and stimulating physical effects that prompt activity. The sour, fuel-forward terpene profile of Sour Breath makes it loud out of the jar, so be prepare for a room-filling aroma. Enjoy Sour Breath throughout the day, but mind your dosage as anxiety is a possible side effect after heavy consumption, especially in unseasoned consumers.  

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Sour Breath Effects and Attributes

Eye Pressure
Lack of Appetite
Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth

Sour Breath Genetics and Grow Info

Parents of Sour Breath

Sour Breath Flavors

  • 1. Diesel
  • 2. Apricot
  • 3. Pine

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“great high. a few hits and your set. this stuff smells like swag and if not grown right breaks down just like it. the high is a head high that leaves you day dreaming and wondering the mysteries of the universe. the taste was very earthy with an almost dirt after taste. small dense buds.”

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“The high was quick to set in and quick to leave ... Very heady high, you'll be thinking about everything and anything and might get a little motivation to clean house. I smoked a gram in a joint and that was more than enough to get me anxious as hell. I smoked .5g in a joint the next day and I still had some pretty overwhelming anxiety. I can deal with anxiety but this stuff can really kick it into overdrive. I have...”


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