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Sour OG

aka Sour OG Kush

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Sour OG strain effects

Sour OG strain helps with

  • 38% of people say it helps with Stress
  • 33% of people say it helps with Anxiety
  • 29% of people say it helps with Depression

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Sour OG strain reviews773

October 29, 2011
This is a wonderful medicine for anxiety. Sour OG hits instantly and provides an extremely social, positive uplifting high. It's one of my favorite medicines for anxiety relief, stress relief and is great for social gatherings. The best thing I can say about Sour Og is that it gives me hope. Suffering debilitating panic attacks for years I know what a living hell anxiety can be. I don't like the doctor prescribed medications for anxiety like Xanax, Klonopin etc. as they can cause liver damage. Medicinal marijuana is a holistic all natural remedy. I use it responsibly meaning that I never smoke before work, never smoke before or during driving and only smoke at home. I find it to be rather sad that medical Marijuana still carries a negative stigma from so many people whether it's politicians, uninformed citizens or close minded religious zealots. I can't tell you how many people I've know that criticize marijuana, yet got to the bar every weekend or week day and make a complete ass out of themselves. Alcohol leads to many health problems, can often make the drinker violent or just plain stupid in regard as to how they act. Medical marijuana is an all natural holistic approach to medicine. It's safe, encourages recovery, peace and happiness with no hangover or lowered social inhibitions (ie: sleeping around with promiscuous women, fighting etc.). It's just as easy for someone to grab a few drinks before work or during their lunch break or after work for that matter leaving the drinker a dangerous mess on the highways. It's time people understood that the majority of medicinal marijuana users use this medication for relief and are responsible. I do not smoke until I have completed all errands, work etc. Medicinal marijuana is to be used as a positive remedy to alleviate a variety of diseases from pain related injuries to social phobias, anxiety to depression, stress relief to insomnia along with a myriad of other medical problems. It's time to come together as a responsible, educated collective group and let it be known that there is nothing bad or criminal against smoking an herb that is 100 percent natural and grows from mother earth. Medical marijuana is truly a gift if used in a responsible manner and is not a gateway drug. If you're looking for a gateway drug then lets point the finger at alcohol which has been responsible for many divorces, violent acts, and in some tragic cases even death. We must remain on the educated/ enlightened path and use this medicine for what nature intended, hope and a general sense of well being and a shared concern for the well being of our brothers and sisters on planet earth.
July 17, 2015
It's the door to fucking Narnia. Imagine your mind is like the wardrobe. You take a look inside and can see the various outfits that you normally have. But then, you notice something right behind your normal stuff. What is it? A door? You open it up. A light breeze rushes over you. You step in, wondering where this will take you. As you move farther and farther, a light begins to appear. You step into the light and BOOM! You're in a goddamn forest. Snow covers the ground and trees. Its breathtaking. A lion and witch appear. A discoball drops, and they start to dance together. All the woodland creatures gather around. Some cheering the lion and witch on, Some dancing on their own. You suddenly realize that you're holding a sword. It's decentely sized too. You give it a swing to test it out. But it has magical powers, so you end up slicing everybody in half. They're all dead now. You look at the sword and slowly out it down. You turn around whistling nonchalantly, then book it to the hole you crawled out of. You climb back out of your wardrobe, close it, lock it up, then seal it with ducktape, and decide that that's enough imagination for one day.
June 22, 2015
it sounds funny when i read it aloud, but i was fortunate enough to come across this about twelve hours before a mad man road raged right into me at 70mph and after checking in with several other animate/inanimate objects of either mostly concrete or mostly steel, i finished my knievei-like stunt show by sliding under an 18 wheeler's trailer, losing my prelude's roof, and somehow exited said trailer and ending up with me, gracie, (man's best friend), and the now convertible honda sitting calmly on the side of the road. after sipping on some cold bottled water provided ny a witness, all i could think about was horking down some HUMONGUS bong loads of the sour, being well aware of the pain free, super happy high that this flower done brung. well, the wreck was thursday morning, its now the following monday, and im so fucking pain free that ive eaten every bit of crunchy food in the house, and this chinese eyed cowboy can now get on with getting on with it, ya know whutimean?
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