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First impressions: Whoa, coated trichomes, almost frosty. Kinda what you wanna see when you buy an indica. The scent is nice, sweet, mellow and with a hint of pine. The nugs are tight, no flakes, hardly any shake at the bottom of the barrel. The pistils are hidden amongst the nugs and in the spots where you can find them, they are coated in trichomes, masking their copperish colouring. The scent isn't as strong as a Hindu Kush, but it lingers in the nostrils when you waft, Expect a light green to almost neon colour with your bud, The blaze: You get a nice dose of pine with the inhale along with mint. The smoke is light heavy; that is to say, light on the smoke plume out, heavy feeling in the lungs in. Expect the first buzz feeling in your body. Wherever you are sore, may it be chronic or just day to day wear-and-tear, you'll notice a good relaxation with this strain. It bring a soothing mental calm over you, somewhat reassurance, something you don't always get from an indica right off the first tokes. Intermediate to toking, you'll def feel a nice body warmth with a tad tingling. It's def a body over mind high. Don't expect to do much. You might have a few sparks of spontaneously wants and ideas, but they are quickly second choices to the next thought, until you just stop. Not too much on the appetite side of things. I've gotten a snacky vibe from it, but nothing like wanting to eat a full meal. Keep a box of triscuits next to you. Final thoughts: it's up there. For a "cheap" price (approx $10 a g) it's got potency (without the downsizes of dry eyes, dry mouth, paranoia or anxiety) My strain was tested at 16.7%, but it feels a little more than that. I would like more of a head buzz with what it offers in terms of the body buzz. It's like a 20%(Headbuzz)-80%(bodybuzz) when I've blazed. But if getting calm and being relaxed and de-stressing, then I would highly recommend this strain. It's secondary positive notes is that it's good for insomnia, panic attacks and in general, a superb relaxing. Likely would buy again, esp at price point, the consistency is above par.
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Form & Method

  • Flower
  • Smoke


  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy
  • Tingly

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Ontario Cannabis Store

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