Half (half-ounce)

A half is half an ounce, normally of cannabis bud, but it can also be shake. An ounce is 28 grams, making a half-ounce 14 grams.

“Since I live three hours from the closest dispensary, I always buy a half so it lasts a long time.”

How much is a half of weed?

There are 28.3495 grams in the ounce, but the industry standard is an even 28 grams, so a half-ounce is 14 grams. Generally, when people talk about a half they are talking about bud, but it could also refer to shake. 

If you work for a business making cannabis products you may be using recipes for batches large enough where things will be in increments of a half-ounce, or a half. Most legal markets restrict purchase and possession to one ounce.

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