The process of manually agitating cannabis plant material in ice water to break off trichomes to make bubble hash. Hand-washing is cheaper yet more labor intensive than machine washing.

“I prefer hand-washing my hash for precision, even though it takes longer.”

“Hand-washing is the best way to make ice water hash.”

What is hand-washing?

Hand-washing is the manual process of producing ice water hash from cannabis plant material. Cannabis material is placed in ice water and the mixture is agitated by hand to break off trichomes; then the mixture is poured through a series of mesh bags to filter out plant material. 

Hand-washing vs. machine washing

Hand-washing is cheap and allows for a greater degree of control, but it is also labor intensive. For large batches of bubble hash, a washing machine is recommended, but hashmakers have less control over the finished product. Machine washing can also waste more finished product than hand-washing.