High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE)

Full-spectrum cannabis concentrates containing a diverse range of terpenes in high concentrations. HFTSEs or “terp sauces” contain up to 40% terpenes and are coveted by consumers seeking the therapeutic potential of terpenes. Originally created and coined by Oregon-based company Extractioneering, HTFSEs require a sophisticated extraction process that removes unwanted plant material such as waxes and lipids, and they often resemble an oil, sauce, or resin. 

“A good quality HTFSE will often have high concentrations of THCA.”

“High terpene full spectrum extracts are also referred to as ‘terp sauces’ due to their syrupy, sauce-like consistency.”

What is high terpene full spectrum extract?

HFTSE is a full spectrum concentrate that contains the therapeutic compounds present in cannabis, with a particular emphasis on preserving diverse terpenes. They are also referred to as “terp sauces.” This process was first developed and coined by Dr. Daniel Hayden of Oregon-based company Extractioneering, and the extraction process is sophisticated and takes place at low temperatures to protect the beneficial compounds of the plant, while eliminating unwanted material such as waxes and lipids.

HFTSEs contain 13-40% terpene content, and often contain high concentrations of THCA as well. Popular high terpene full spectrum extracts include sauces and live resins. HTFSEs tend to be sought after by consumers searching for high-quality concentrates with enhanced therapeutic properties that also preserve flavor and aroma.

What are the benefits of high terpene full spectrum extracts?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that significantly contribute to the overall scent and flavor profile of cannabis. Terpenes have also been shown to interact with cannabinoids synergistically, a phenomenon known as the entourage effect

This synergistic interaction of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other bioactive compounds present in HFTSEs may amplify the therapeutic effects of cannabis. 

When weighing up the benefits of high terpene full spectrum extracts in comparison with high cannabinoid full spectrum extracts, HFTSEs may offer some advantages. HTFSEs have lower concentrations of THC and increased levels of diverse terpenes, translating to reduced intoxication and potentially enhanced therapeutic effects due to the increased presence of diverse bioactive cannabis compounds. At this stage, however, there’s sparse research comparing the benefits of HFTSEs vs. HCFSEs, so it largely comes down to personal preference.