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Alien Labs, Sherbinski, and The Village Run California from Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, CA — Historically a hub of growing and processing vegetables, fruits, and nuts, California’s capital is now a cornucopia of boutique cannabis cultivation. Thanks to city-designated “green zones” that quietly fertilize a designer cannabis scene, renowned growers are pumping out exotic strains that wow connoisseurs with premier looks, aromas, flavors, and effects that fetch premium prices and top awards. Savor these Sacramento designer cannabis cultivators and flowers, even at $60-$70 per eighth with taxes.



Leafly Gelato hybrid cannabis strain tile

Creamy, berry, piney fuel notes make Gelato tops.

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Philosophy: “I want to compare it to the wine industry. The care that’s taken in the grow is evident in the taste and the smell and how it makes it you feel. It’s the same with my food or anything I drink: I want to have the best quality.”

Fame: A member of the original team that bred the blockbuster Girl Scout Cookies and numerous follow-up crosses, Sherbinski crafted Gelato and Sunset Sherbert, powerful strains that burst with dessert flavors. Both are best sellers in California and widely copied.

“I don’t typically do any type of contests,” Sherbinski said. “My awards come when my brands gets through to the people worldwide that love it and continue to make new things by crossing my genetics with theirs.”

More: Sherbinski’s launching vape cartridges in 12 Gelato strains, both full-spectrum live rosin oil and distillate. Vapes will be sold in more stores than Sherbinski’s flowers. sherbinskis.com | @Sherbinski415

The Village


  • Mimosa
  • Banana Punch
  • Wedding Crasher
  • Garlic Cookies

Banana Punch’s root is a super-potent sweet berry Purple.

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Philosophy: “It’s all about reading the plants and making sure they’re happy and having the right strains,” said cultivator Michael Ish, who also runs Symbiotic Genetics. “If you don’t have the right strains you could grow the most beautiful plant in the world and people aren’t gonna want it because it won’t smell good or taste good or feel good.”

Fame: Known for eco-friendly, flavorful flowers, The Village broke through with Purple Punch in 2017 and has since stopped growing the gassy-grapey plant because of its widespread popularity. Super Lemon Haze, second place, sativa; and Mimosa V6, third place, hybrid, High Times Cannabis Cup. Mimosa Live Resin Sauce Cartridge by Moxie with The Village, second place, best vape pen cartridge, High Times Cannabis Cup.

More: Look for The Village’s vape cartridge and sauce collaborations with Southern California concentrate king Moxie at South Sacramento Care Center and other dispensaries statewide. TheVillageGrows.com | @_thevillage

Image Test
Banana Punch #9

Alien Labs


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Philosophy: “It’s the best of the best,” Alien Labs founder Ted Lidie said. “It’s grown with the intent of being the best, not making the most money.”

Fame: 2015’s Dosidos, a vibrant gold, green and purple indica-dominant hybrid. Melonade, first place, sativa; Gelato #41, first place, indica; Wedding Cake, first place, hybrid, High Times Cannabis Cup.

More: Alien Labs is about to drop live resin vape cartridges in a collaboration with Sacramento extractor Friendly Farms, whose own full-spectrum cartridge won a High Times Cannabis Cup best product award. Look for Alien Labs’ 1.5-gram all-bud pre-rolls. Alienlabs.org | @AlienLabs

Connected Cannabis


The strain that started a revolution: GSC.

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Fame: The originator of the phrase “designer cannabis”, Connected Cannabis popularized the Cookie Fam’s Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato and Sunset Sherbert strains, all now widely copied. Awards: Gelonade, first place, sativa; and Biscotti, place, hybrid, High Times Cannabis Cup Amsterdam. Gelonade, first place, sativa; and Gelato #41, third place, indica, High Times Cannabis Cup. Gelato #41 first place, sungrown; Gelato #41, first place, indica, High Times Cannabis Cup.

More: Connected’s live resin vape cartridges dropping soon in a collaboration with Friendly Farms. Connectedcannabisco.com | @connectedcannabis.co

Lumpy’s Flowers


  • Apple Fritter
  • Bad Apples
  • Cherry Jane
  • Cherry Lemonade
  • Fruit Roll-up
  • A. Snow
  • Lemon Trill
  • Reckless Rainbow
  • Sour Apple Haze


Philosophy: “We’re not for everybody,” Lumpy’s CEO Josh Veal said. “We like that Napa winery feel. We sell Ferraris and Lamborghinis. I don’t want to sell Hondas.”

Fame: Lumpy’s made its bones six years ago on fruity, gassy and highly potent Apple Fritter, its mainstay strain today. Fruit Roll-ups, first place, indica, High Times World Cannabis Cup. L.A. Snow, first place, sativa, High Times Cannabis Cup. Cali Berry, second place, hybrid; and Lemon Trill, third place, indica, High Times Cannabis Cup.

More: Look for Lumpy’s live resin vape cartridges and one-gram pre-rolls. Lumpy’s is also laying plans for a boutique retail operation. Lumpysflowers.com | @lumpstatus

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