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7 cannabis strains perfect for nighttime use

Published on July 24, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020

When choosing cannabis varieties that you’ll use as daily drivers, remember to differentiate between strains that will work best for daytime and nighttime use. The following guide focuses on the latter, including a few specific strain suggestions for evening, bedtime, and late-night use.

The best nighttime strains will soothe, de-stress, and ensure you get a good night’s sleep in advance of starting a new day all over again. Keep in mind that everyone’s strain preferences are different, so experiment with these and other cannabis varieties until you find the perfect set to fit your evening needs.

Best Evening Strains

Ready to Netflix and chill? The best p.m. strains take the chill level up a notch, pushing stressors from earlier in the day to the back burner and replacing them with relaxation.

Cookies and Cream

Who says you can’t have dessert before dinner? Giggly, soothing, and endlessly popular, sugary-sweet Cookies and Cream is the ideal strain to enjoy before cooking an evening meal, whether you’re alone or with a loved one. We also love it for movie nights.

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White Fire OG

White Fire OG begets comfortable and social effects, making this an ideal p.m. strain for sharing. If you’re hosting an evening get-together or spending a date night with someone special, we recommend picking up some of this strain to augment the evening’s activities.

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Grease Monkey

Many consumers prefer not to smell of cannabis during the day, which makes pungent, skunky Grease Monkey a perfect strain to save for the evening. Consumers report heavy relaxation bordering on laziness, and sometimes weekday evenings call for just that. This strain has also been known to spark the munchies, which makes it ideal to enjoy just before dinnertime.

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Best Bedtime Strains

The best nighttime strains relieve any remaining tension in your body as they lull your mind to sleep. Search out strains with sedating terpene profiles, such as the ones below.

Death Star

Looking for a slow fade into sleepiness? Death Star’s smooth and steady onset of effects are an ideal match for a dreamy nighttime meditation sesh, or for reading in bed before you fall asleep.

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Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is known for equal parts physical and mental relaxation, which makes this strain a perfect way to end any day. Its woodsy, chocolatey flavors make it a sweet nighttime treat, and its couch-lock relaxation makes climbing into bed the number one thing you’ll want to do.

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Best Late Night Strains

Some of us, particularly those who suffer from insomnia, could use a little extra help to sleep soundly through the night. If the strains above aren’t doing the trick, consider an extra few puffs of these dreamy, blissful strains.

Purple Urkle

If you’d rather take the fast track to dreamland, Purple Urkle is a good bet. Known for quick-onset effects, this sedating strain with earthy berry aromas quells soreness related to work, exercise, or chronic medical conditions, making it easy to fall fast asleep.

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Granddaddy Purple

The granddaddy of all sleep strains, this household name is all but guaranteed to knock you out (in a good way). Whether it’s stress, pain, or simple sleeplessness keeping you up at night, GDP is a go-to for pure physical and mental relaxation.

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