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Famous 4/20 Birthdays

April 3, 2020

These famous people born on April 20, better known among the cannabis community as “420,” each deserve their own strain pairing to celebrate a day that’s a little more special than usual. Learn more about some celebrities who were born on April 20, and light one up on behalf of your favorite famous face.

Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange

The talented thespian who won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in Tootsie was born in 1949. More recently, she’s popped up on multiple seasons of the anthology television series American Horror story. There were rumors that she and Sarah Paulson used drugs on the set of the horror TV show as part of a scene in the second season, but the rumors are unconfirmed.

Strain: Deadhead OG 

Whether you’re binge-watching past seasons of American Horror Story or reeling up a happy classic like Big Fish, we recommend a solid hybrid like Deadhead OG. This will allow you to stay focused on the plot while still relaxing and enjoying the show.

George Takei

George Takei

George Takei is best known for his iconic role of Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek: The Original Series. Since then, he’s enjoyed a steady career on both the big and small screen, as well as lending his buttery smooth voice to many voiceover roles. Takei may remain mum on his own cannabis admissions, but he praised Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for Trudeau’s admission to using cannabis. He’s also a pro at making cannabis jokes. Oh myyyy!

Strain: Fruity Pebbles

For maximum enjoyment of the giggles that are so often associated with Takei’s inimitable quips, we recommend the eternally giggly Fruity Pebbles while you browse the legendary actor’s social media accounts and celebrate this 4/20 birthday.

Killer Mike

Killer Mike

Rapper, actor, and activist Killer Mike (born Michael Santiago Render) is no stranger to cannabis, having smoked a joint live on air with Bill Maher while talking politics and legalization with fellow cannabis advocate, Margaret Cho.

Strain: Cherry Pie

Killer Mike doesn’t mess with pure indicas or sativas, and his doctor told him to stay away from edibles, so he is strictly a hybrid man. Considering his musical endeavors, we think he’d lean towards a potent hybrid like Cherry Pie to keep the creative juices flowing onstage while maintaining a heady high throughout the show.

Crispin Glover

Crispin Glover

Perhaps best known as George McFly in Back to the Future, actor Crispin Glover has had a wide and weird career with plenty of ties to cannabis—he performed in the movie Mr. Nice, based on Britain’s “nicest drug smuggler.” Glover also played a cannabis consumer opposite Keanu Reeves in the film, River’s Edge, although it’s unclear whether he partakes when the cameras stop rolling.

Strain: Kuato

To celebrate his 4/20 birthday, we’re going with a strange and unique strain to complement the odd and fantastic qualities of Mr. Glover. Kuato strain will open your mind to new possibilities, and it also makes a fantastic addition to rewatching the timeless classic Back to the Future.

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Luther Vandross

Luther Vandross

The late, great, velvet-voiced singer, songwriter, and record producer Luther Vandross admitted he never used cannabis during his time on Earth, but that shouldn’t stop you from partaking while listening to a little “A House is Not a Home” on the record player. Cannabis will only enhance his smooth-as-silk R&B songs.

Strain: Mercury OG

We recommend a deep indica to get you in the mood to truly appreciate this talented vocalist. You’ll melt into the couch and find yourself cruising through outer space with Luther Vandross’ smooth jams.

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Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence

This ’90s heartthrob has popped up in sitcoms across multiple decades (Gimme a Break! in the ’80s, Blossom in the 90s, Melissa & Joey in the 2010s), and even had a recording career that started when he was just 16 years old.

Strain: Amnesia

Our choice for a ’90s marathon—including the entire series of Blossom, a few episodes of Brotherly Love, and, why not, throw in a screening of A Goofy Movie for good measure—goes to the uplifting and giggly sativa, Amnesia. You’ll be laughing so hard, you’ll have to stop and just say, “WHOA!”

Andy Serkis

Andy Serkis

This anthropomorphic character actor with a 4/20 birthday is a jack of all creatures. The king of motion capture has played Gollum in the Lord of the Rings series, the leader of the apes in the recent Planet of the Apes trilogy, and Supreme Leader Snoke in the Star Wars universe. He’s also appeared in human form both in front of the camera (in the Marvel cinematic universe) and behind it (as the director of Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle), but let’s be real: the man’s facial skills alone deserve a toke in his honor.

Strain: Space Queen

Take a trip to another world with the sublimely pleasing Space Queen. You’ll be blasted off into space but drift gently back down afterwards—a perfect strain for watching Serkis’ otherworldly performances.

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra

Model/actress Carmen Electra was a pop culture mainstay in the late 90s to mid-00s, appearing as a Playboy model, hosting the MTV dating show Singled Out, acting in numerous parody films (most notably the Scary Movie franchise), and being the short-lived spouse of Dennis Rodman. Cue up one of her campy movies on her 4/20 birthday and get your giggle on.

Strain: Laughing Buddha

For a case of the breathless giggles, our vote goes to the one and only, Laughing Buddha. Turn your brain off, turn Scary Movie or Baywatch on, and prepare yourself for some mindless delight. This bright sativa is certain to keep you from taking anything too seriously.

Clint Howard

Clint Howard

Ron Howard’s former child star baby brother, Clint Howard is a “That Guy” actor, popping up in numerous films that make you go, “Hey, it’s that guy!” Trekkies will recognize him from numerous Star Trek series, and he’s also appeared in many of his brother’s movies (Parenthood, Backdraft), as well as comedies like The Waterboy and the Austin Powers franchise.

Strain: Apollo 13

What else to celebrate this famous 4/20 birthday with? It’s the peppery hybrid strain inspired by the film directed by his brother, Ron, in which he appears as a flight controller. This gripping account of the failed moon landing is still a nail-biter (even though you know the ending) and, like the strain named after it, remains a classic, withstanding the test of time.

More Famous 4/20 Birthdays

Need even more reasons to celebrate? Here are some more famous people with 4/20 birthdays:

  • Alexander Zverev (born in 1997), German professional tennis player
  • Luke Kuechly (born in 1991), former professional football player who played linebacker for the Carolina Panthers
  • Curt Hawkins (born in 1985), WWE professional wrestler
  • Tan France (born in 1983), English fashion designer and one of the stars of “Queer Eye”
  • Miranda Kerr (born in 1983), Australian supermodel who was one of the Victoria’s Secret “Angels”

Image Sources: Mingle Media TV via Wikimedia Commons, The Come Up Show, ABC Television Group via Flickr Creative Commons, Luther Vandross, and IMDb.

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