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Sour Diesel

The Prozac of weed strains! Similar to OG Kush in that its consistent across many samples, goes straight to the dome, has the OG giddy feel good vibe to it but its more cerebral with a less pronounced body high. A light amount gives focus and uplifted vibes, a little more adds creativity and if you smoke more you run the risk of randomly forgetting what you were doing and drifting into space. Capable of mild psychedelic highs in high doses. Smell is piney, slightly lemony with sharp influences of a spicy fuel, chemical petrol smell with light skunky hints now and again. Taste is sour earthy chemical goodness to acrid earthy tanginess in some samples. if not cured correctly it gets a skunkier and more sour taste and smell. Average legs ( about 1.5 hr buzz) great for socializing, parties, skate boarding and excellent for the blues.

Pink Lemonade

Reminded me of lemon haze but slightly mellower, slight purple tinge to buds, tasty strain, hits with a general feeling of well being followed by a slight increase in energy, heartrate increases slightly. overindulging causes haziness and tingling. Takes a full bowl to get good effects.

Green Crack

Rarely do you find a commercial strain that satisfies the grower with awesome yields and the average blower with satisfaction while being lauded by the pot snob as excellent herb. This one has a sativa and indica pheno. both yield nicely. the sativa pheno hits behind the eyes right away and quickly refreshes the senses like breathing in fresh air on a spring morning in the woods while bacon is simmering on the campfire. Mood brightens, outlook improves, energy levels rise but relaxing is still easy. its weakness is it wears out in about 50 minutes and you feel the drop eliciting the urge to refill the lungs! This is why it was named green crack, cause u gotta take frequent bumps. The indica Pheno, smells of rotting mangoes or fruit, though not the popular pheno, its my favorite of the two and in my top 10 strains. The indica buds are large and extremely dense, normally this pheno is manicured to perfection, like wieghlifters shaving every hair to show thier bulging muscles, budtenders shave every hair and hint of sugar leaf to show off its bulging tightly knit calyxs making the buds look identical to green strawberries. The consistency and smooth tightness of the buds are that good. The buzz is euphoric to start and relaxing like the feeling on a saturday morning with nothing on the schedule. Because of zero anxiety the tendency is to overindulge and this strain has the ability to make you nod. Often you wake up in the morning sitting in the chair you were in when you took the last rip. Death by Narcolepsy...

White Rhino

Because this isn't a clone only strain, you arent going to be gettings buds from the same original plant, with seeds there is some variation, you could end with an excellent plant, if the producer doesnt pick the right plant you may not get a good representation of what this strain has to offer. there are hundreds of colas all have a similiar taste but coca cola and pepsi have thier shit down. Ifyou come across the coca cola of white rhino, its going to kick your ass harder than chris brown did Rihanna. And like her ull keep coming back for more cause getting run over by white rhino is exasperating, euphoric and fun rolled into one, the tale end is very relaxing and calm. if you get a well grown good representation it can compete with the OGs

Afghan Kush

After my first bowl I thought maybe it was a weaker strain, normally theres a head buzz regardless of strain, some may have more body some more head buzz, this began with zero head buzz so I lighted another bowl. After the second bowl i began to have a creeping relaxation and body numb with slight vibration. It intensified and i thought hmm still no head buzz. it was an excellent strain for pain and anxiety. It was not sedating but was a potent painkiller with clear headed effects. Just Serene, i would say this would make for an excellent hash experience while fishing or out in nature.

Chemdawg #4

I have a pretty high tolerance, i had been taking Percocets and Sour Diesel or Bubba Kush after extensive back surgery the week prior to trying this strain. The evening I tried it I took my usual Percocet after an hour of tossing, moaning, and grinding my teeth in bed from sheer pain and not being able to sleep., 1 hr later the pain was reduced but still significant, I'm allowed to take 1-2 Percocets and instead of taking the 2nd, I elected to try the Chem 4. I loaded up a half gram in my long wooden bed pipe, turned on the bubbler and Fish tank light in my bedroom, turned on my bose system to Credence Clearwater Revival, sat in the lazy-boy next to my bed and lit the pipe. A sublime, sour, almost rubber like smoke danced over my palate with a mystic smoothness contrary to the nature of smoke. The merciful mist encouraged my lungs with the seductive qualities of a professional cheerleader to inhale a larger volume of smoke than an Olympic Athlete. The exhale lacked the elequence of the inhale and I was quickly inhaling like an asthmatic on the end of an albuterol rescue inhaler. The Sour lemon Chemical gas like flavor unleashed a primitive instinct and like a newborn calf i was suckling at the end of the bowl my wooden pipe even had an appetizing taste, I was in a fantastical delirium. The vibrational feeling throughout my body, relieved my suffering and became an amplified extension of the subtle vibrational energy emanating from the speakers. Chem 4 served as a key to opening up the bilateral empathetic forces within the universe that remain unknown by those without the Chem 4 Key

Ape Shit

This is a neat strain, the blending of the sativa and Indica comes together magically by using the Cinderella 99 for shortening flowering time and allowing the blending of the traits of both parents without lengthening the flowering from adding the Acapulco Gold. The buzz is very original for a flower, reminds me of the mellow analgesic high Rick simpson oil provides, while Augmenting the high with with the antidepressant and chatty party buzz of Acapulco Gold. There is a pleasant flavor on the exhale, its sweet almost berry like. The effects have decent legs, lasting a solid 3 hours.

Sour Apple

Smells lightly like Granny Smith Apples, this doesn't carry over to the taste, atleast not my batch. Tastes were sour and slight pineapple on the exhale. Mild, chill buzz, good for catching a flick. Like the Apple, this strain imparts subtle simple truthes. Women, if you are into yoga, this is a good pre session sacrament to get your esoteric juices flowing


This is the Grey Goose vodka of the cannabis world. One of the few strains that goes with a tux or suite. It has a classy-ness about it. I have some gold crutches I add to my joint only when smoking J1, its a chatty strain, excellent for socializing, Ive never gone to bed alone after smoking J1, its That effective at eliciting charm. There is no doubt in my mind that it releases serotonin and neuroepiniphrin as it can instantly alleviate the blues with an added increase in energy and endurance. The high is refined, not sloppy, at high doses memory is affected slightly. After a half joint, The come up is equivalent to 10mg of Amphetamine, leaning towards the dextro salt-more dopamine release, less adrenaline. Increasing the dose turns it into an antidepressant. 1/4 Gram is about right for a work day dose, 1/2 Gram for any other day. Mixing 1/4g J1 and 1/4 Gram of Dutch Treat in a joint with Caramel Frappe non nicotine ejuice very lightly brushed along the outside front half of Joint makes for a joint you can land any girl in bed after having her smoke it. Even non smokers can't resist the caramel frappe accents. The sounds she makes while smoking it foreshadows the night ahead.

Goji OG

this has an old school good chronic feel to it. its a bread and butter strain, reliable strain on average across several pheno types to get the job done. 2 main phenos, one has high production heavy og kush smell and high. the other leans snow lotus, buds arent as big but still a tasty good high