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Star signs and cannabis strains: February 2021 horoscopes

Published on February 1, 2021
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Woo, Star Gazers! Are you feeling all that Air sign energy? It’s in high supply this month. Thanks to our beloved Aquarius you might find yourself being extra generous, and extra creative this February. Capitalize on this sudden urge to innovate. Use your special talents to make this world just a little brighter. Love is in the air!

It all starts off with Venus strolling into Aquarius on February 1. If being subtle about your romantic interests hasn’t exactly boosted your prospects, try being more direct at the beginning of the month. The new moon is also in Aquarius on February 11. Mercury is still in retrograde until February 21, and Venus saunters out of Aquarius and into Pisces on February 25. Lots of positive growth opportunity will present itself this month. Don’t be shy in showing others how truly capable you are!

Your February Horoscope


Happy Birthday, Aquarius! Happy Air Sign Season. Okay, that’s not a real thing, but it should be considering all of the air sign energy floating around this month. It all kicks off on February 1 with Venus entering your sign. This bodes well for your romantic life. Then, the new moon is in your sign on February 11. Creative energy will be at an all-time high. Don’t be afraid to chase that seemingly out-there idea or project. You’re coming fully into your power and now is your moment!

Your ruler, Saturn, is in forward motion the entire month. Money matters should be harmonious and balanced, but don’t forget that Mercury is still in retrograde and surprises can, and probably will, come up. Taking risks is good, but don’t bank on a positive return every time. That said, this should be a really stellar month for you in virtually all areas of life. Enjoy it, Aquarius!

February Strain: This is your season, Aquarius! Pack a bowl of Great White Shark. This sativa strain is euphoria-producing and offers a strong body high. The profile is fruity and skunky and users report it packs a punch.

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Happy February, Pisces! Your season kicks off in the middle of the month, but not before feeling all of the air sign energy that comes into play early on in February. February 1 sees Venus entering Aquarius. Where love is concerned, you should feel pretty grounded. Good communication and renewed interest will keep things hot. There’s a new moon in Aquarius on February 11. Your personal projects will take on a bigger significance to your well-being around this time.

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Your ruler is in direct motion this month, which is great since you’ll benefit from the wisdom that this motion brings to your professional life. However, Mercury’s retrograde continues until February 21 which means you could get thrown some curveballs at work and in your close, personal relationships. Guard your spirit until the end of the month. February rounds out with a full moon in balanced Virgo on February 27. Enjoy a return to some normalcy before March rolls around!

February Strain: Zoinks! What a month. Pack a bowl of Scooby Snacks and throw on some Sunday morning cartoons. This indica-dominant hybrid strain offers intense, body-heavy effects that will likely melt you into your couch. Users report this strain is an amazing sleep aid, so keep that in mind before you tuck into Scooby Snacks on a busy day.


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Rams you are in for a treat this month. Sure, February is the month of love, but who exactly said it had to be romantic love? Yes, you can invest every wake hour into overhauling your Tinder and you might find a few romantic prospects before Aquarius season is over, but why go to all the trouble when you can lavish yourself with all of that attention? Venus enters Aquarius on February 1.

Consider treating yourself by setting aside a few minutes for a mindfulness exercise and maybe splurge on a scented candle? You’ll know what feels right.

Mercury square your ruler Mars on February 10 — right in the middle of Mercury’s retrograde. Sure, you could gracefully ride out the wild, retrograde energy swirling around you by throwing your router and your cell phone into the nearest large body of water, but what would be the fun in that? Besides, this is the time when your wit will be at its sharpest.

If there has been someone in your social sphere crossing your boundaries this month, channel all of that self-possessed-Mars-energy and let them know exactly what you need and what you will and will not tolerate from them moving forward. The full moon is in Virgo on February 28 to round out the month with some stable, purposeful Maiden energy that will propel you into March feeling rested and relaxed (despite all the chaos of February).

February Strain: Don’t overthink it this month. Treat yourself to a classic like Pineapple Express. This world-renowned hybrid is known for its smooth taste and energizing effects. Users report this bud offers a long-lived, cerebral buzz that pairs perfectly with productive days.

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This month is going to be hot, Bulls. Okay, maybe not literally depending on your climate, but trust that things in both your professional sphere and romantic life will be lively and, at the very least, entertaining. This is cupid’s month to shine, after all. Venus enters Aquarius on February 1. Romance and creativity will be everywhere at the beginning of the month. Own your power, but be careful not to step over others while you’re on the path.

Mercury is still in retrograde and will remain in its backward motion until February 21.  This could certainly drum up some unwanted emotions and old connections you would rather forget, but with the right mindset you can turn this chaotic period into a rebirth of sorts. If you’re the take-charge person in your relationship, consider letting your partner take a turn in the driver’s seat.

Let them come up with the date night ideas. If you’re shy when it comes to romantic gestures, don’t be afraid to get creative and take some time to learn your partner’s love language a little deeper. The full moon in Virgo on February 27 will realign you with your long-term goals and your purpose for the year. Embrace a little (fun) chaos! It can keep things from getting stale.

February Strain: Aiming for something sweet this month? Pack a bowl of Strawberry Cough. This sativa is reported among users to be fruity, uplifting, and cerebral. It’s great for a creative Sunday spent indoors, or to share with your quarantine partner.


(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Happy love month, Twins! “There are all kinds of love in this world,” as F. Scott Fitzgerald once famously put it, “But never the same love twice.” Few zodiac signs appreciate true affection like you do, Gemini. You may certainly find yourself in the throes of a new romance this month, but it’s equally possible that the love you find will be in a newly rekindled friendship, or maybe you’ll find it by deepening your connection with your family amidst all the world’s chaos. It’s a month of fixed, Air sign energy. Aquarius season is in full swing, and Venus dances into this fellow Air sign on February 1.

While the positive aspects of the month will certainly outweigh the negative, where business is concerned, you’ll want to tread carefully. Mercury continues its retrograde until February 21. You’ll likely be drained by coworkers’ inability to effectively communicate this month. Don’t let that lead to your own issues with performance or communication. Ride the wave knowing that things will sort themselves out at the end of the month. The full moon is in balanced Virgo on February 21. Restore your energy under this full glow and look forward to March with resolve and a renewed sense of purpose.

February Strain: Think decadence this month. Roll up a rich treat like Lava Cake. Lava Cake is a indica-heavy hybrid perfect for an empty-calendar day. Users say this strain smells like something fresh out of the bakery. Sugary and sweet, this bud is the choice of patients looking to relieve chronic stress, pain, and anxiety.


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This is a month to plan less, crabs. Lots of broken hearts will be looking for a home during February, the month of love. You can’t rescue everyone, Cancer. Mercury is still in retrograde until February 21. This is the time to turn to your vision board for the year (even if it exists solely in your mind). What kind of habits can you take on now that will pay dividends at the end of 2021? Bonus points if these new habits take you out of your comfort zone. You’ve gotten especially comfortable in your business life, Crab.

The new moon (your ruler) will be in Aquarius on February 11. Right before Valentine’s day is your moment to hit reset on your professional goals. The full moon is Virgo on February 27. Balanced, even-tempered Virgo vibes will be a welcomed reprieve from Mercury’s chaotic spin. Be your own advocate this month and don’t get caught up in petty disagreements. Things look brighter in March!

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February Strain: Don’t get caught up in overthinking this month. Bring yourself to center with an old reliable like Platinum OG. This indica-dominant strain is one of the heaviest hitters out there. The effects hit the head first and then settle into the body for a powerful, sedative buzz.

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Happy February, Lion. February is the month of love and you are certainly no stranger to passion. Your ruler, the sun, has ushered in Aquarius season. The Air sign energy is very likely going to fuel your most fundamental fire traits. Coupled with Mercury’s retrograde until February 21, this is shaping up to be an interesting month. February is going to be a month consumed by managing your relationships — professional, personal, and romantic.

Sun square moon on February 1 offers the chance to assert your needs at work. Are you pulling an unfair share of the load on your team? Don’t be afraid to let others know you need help. The new moon in Aquarius on February 11 will only increase the Air sign vibes floating around. You may feel re-energized during the middle of the month. If you’ve been letting passion projects gather dust around your home, this would be a great time to break one out and try again. February 18 brings us to Pisces season. Be mindful of your emotions the rest of the month. Own your words and treat your closest allies with extra kindness. It will be a weird time for virtually everyone.

February Strain: Get the feeling of travel without leaving your couch by packing a bowl of NYC Diesel. This hybrid is sativa-dominant and offers powerful cerebral effects that hit the whole body over time. This is the perfect bud for snuggling on the couch with your partner and watching a good flick.  


(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Hello Virgos and welcome to February! This is the month of cheap candy hearts, dating by candlelight, and grand gestures of love — things your practical mind might not be entirely bought in on. That’s great, you march and love to the beat of your own drum. This month will present some new and exhilarating challenges in your chosen profession, and in your closest relationships. Your ruler, Mercury, is still in retrograde until February 21. This means much of the month may find you feeling off-balance and out of sorts. It’s really all going to come out in the wash. This is where practicality and patience pay off in dividends.

Mercury conjunct Venus on February 13 has some potential to really spice up your love life. If you aren’t in a long term committed relationship, you might be finding romantic interest in some unusual places. Don’t write this off as a retrograde side effect, at least not entirely. Open your mind to the possibility that what you’ve been looking for … hasn’t exactly been what you actually need.

The full moon in Virgo on February 27 offers up some much-needed balance to those at the mercy of Mercury’s whims. If you’ve been hiding out, it might be good to take a look around and see what could benefit from a good cleanse.

Maybe it’s your inbox at work, or maybe it’s your Netflix cue. Whatever it is, don’t linger on lost potential for too long. Good things come to those who reach out and (gently) grab them.

February Strain: Simulate the feeling of lying on the beach in July with a little Sunshine. Sunshine is a sativa strain that boasts blissful effects that turn around dark days. This is a fruity strain that patients use to relieve symptoms associated with pain, nausea, and appetite loss. Put on a good album, spark a j, and enjoy your own company for a bit.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Happy Love Month, Libra! While romantic prospects look promising this month, don’t forget to take some time to lavish yourself with attention and care. Your ruler, Venus, enters into fellow air sign, Aquarius on February 1 for a super-charged, sensual, creative start to Cupid’s month.

You’ll be feeling all of this Air sign energy for most of the month. Mercury’s retrograde continues on until February 21. Don’t enter into any big business dealings until things return to forward motion. Personal relationships should remain fairly solid through the month of February but remember that Mercury’s grip can be strong. Don’t take any criticism from friends too literally or too seriously. Venus enters Pisces on February 25 to bring a little bit of balance and calm to your romantic life. But, this is also a great time to invest in some of your hobbies and outlets. This should be a fairly easy month for you, Scales.

Cannabis and Depression

February Strain: This is a great month for a reset and a refresh. Pink Lemonade is a hybrid strain that offers calming effects and a sedating haze. The profile is fruity and sweet, and medical marijuana patients use this bud to cope with the symptoms related to stress and depression.

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Happy February, Scorpio! This month looks busy for you, and perhaps not in the kind of way that inspires a ton of creativity. On the plus side, your rulers Mars and Pluto are in direct motion the entire month. Harmony in However, Mercury’s retrograde continues until February 21, meaning this month could bring some unwelcome surprises. The planetary configuration this month suggest that much of this drama will play out in your professional career. You might find yourself covering for a coworker without getting help later on, in return.

Mars trine Pluto on February 25 will bring some positive, renewed energy to your love life. On February 27 the full moon is in Earth sign, Virgo. This will round out the month with the harmony you’ve been craving.

February Strain: This month, keeping things simple is the better option. Don’t over think things. To help with that effort, pack a bowl of Big Bud. This classic strain offers users a relaxed buzz with deep body effects. Fans report that it doesn’t take a heavy dose to drift off to sleep, making it a perfect companion for a chilly, relaxing evening.   


(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Optimistic, Sag! The month of February is shaping up to be hot, which is fitting for a fire sign like yourself. Your ruler, Jupiter is in direct motion all of this month. Venus enters Aquarius on February 1. The beginning of the month should feature good communication in your love life. The new moon is also in Aquarius on February 11 which should give you a boost in your creative energy. Your free-wheeling spirit will appreciate the artistic, sensual vibes Aquarius season brings.

Mercury’s retrograde continues until February 21 which can lead to some complex problems arising in your professional career. These issues will be time consuming, so you might want to consider scheduling your workday out well. Pisces season begins on February 18 and the full moon is in Virgo on February 27. The month will end with a return to balance and structure for you in most areas of your life. Enjoy some rest before March gets under way.

February Strain: Mercury is in retrograde? What better time than to light up some Cannatonic? This strain is CBD-heavy and perfectly mixes sedating effects with an uplifting, powerful buzz. Medical marijuana patients use Cannatonic to cope with the symptoms of pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, and migraines. This workhorse strain is perfect for those months that just won’t seem to end.

Medical marijuana


(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Happy February, Cap! This month you should finally start reaping the benefits of all of your hard work — especially in your professional and social spheres. Keeping up with everyone amidst the chaos of the last year has been an Olympic challenge. Your energy has not gone to waste. On February 1 Venus enters Aquarius. The Air sign energy will be abundant this month, which may challenge your Earth sign sensibilities. This is good! Opening yourself up to new ways of thinking will pay off big, especially when it comes to your hobbies and passions.

The new moon will also be in Aquarius on February 11. Tap into some serious artistic energy during the middle of the month. Share your passions with those closest to you. Getting to know you better is a gift, Capricorn! Mercury’s retrograde continues until February 21 and the month rounds out with a full moon in Virgo on February 27. Lots of opportunity this February, Capricorn! Greet it with an open mind.

February Strain: This month is going to be a little out there, get ready to embrace it! Space Queen is a hybrid known for its trippy effects and head high. Users report this bud has a unique flavor and offers tingly feelings.  

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