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Best St. Patrick’s Day weekend cannabis strains and edibles 2023

Published on March 17, 2023 · Last updated March 22, 2023
Americans spend $5.4 billion on St. Patrick's Day. And that's before the green. (Mica Chu/Leafly)

Millions of people are going to get a little too soused for St. Patrick’s Day, and you can’t blame them after another long, cold, wet winter. But for something more sustainable, 19 legalization states allow a safer, less toxic social lubricant: cannabis.

We’re talking weed strains in a rainbow of flavors—from the kaleidoscopically juicy Zkittlez to the outright aggressive Blue Face. Blingy new liquid diamond pre-rolls from Snoop Dogg. Fresh, colorful live resin gummies galore. Trendy picnic drinks. And all-star seeds to plant the next great pound of pot. 

Whether in California, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, or the East Coast, here are some of the US’ best weed strains and products for St. Patrick’s Day 2023

Zkittlez strains

Oni Seed Co Zahiti Rainbow—Moonbow x Zahiti Lime. (David Downs/Leafly)
Oni Seed Co Zahiti Rainbow—Moonbow x Zahiti Lime. (David Downs/Leafly)

The pot of green at the end of the rainbow has to be filled with the award-winning strain Zkittlez. That tropical fruit candy taste. That chill, hybrid effect. Zkittlez pairs great with a St. Patty’s Day weekend wake and bake, or an afternoon cross-fade. Zkittlez came out of the heartland of cannabis country—The Emerald Triangle of California to dominate contests in the 2010s and 2020s. Z keeps winning this winter into spring with a second place finish in the Mendocino Ego Clash in December, and multiple wins at Spannabis Champions Cup 2023 in Barcelona, Spain in March. Z has begat so much goodness: Rainbow Belts, Archive Seeds’ Moonbow in Oregon, and a whole era of crosses with Z in the name. Our current favorites include MOCA’s Humboldt’s run of RS11, and Oni Seed Co’s new Zahiti Rainbow, and Serge’s Blackberry Gary.

Adios MF

Adios MF. Hybrid indica. (David Downs/Leafly)
Adios Motherf*cker. Hybrid indica. (David Downs/Leafly)

Skip the nausea, headache, and regret from drinking the actual cocktail and instead go with Cookies’ powerfully therapeutic and chill new strain Adios Motherf*cker. Adios MF improves on the Leafly Strain of the Year 2022—Jealousy. It’s (Biscotti x Sherbert) x Jealousy F2, with even more cherry, blue, rich, syrupy fuel and indica hybrid effects. Bred by Seed Junky Genetics of Los Angeles, Adios MF is a sister to other hype strains Permanent Marker and Gunn Powwder. All of them make for some top-shelf smoke to splurge on this St. Patty’s Day weekend.

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Death Row Records infused pre-rolls

Grab and go: Death Row Cannabis pre-roll packs. (Courtesy Death Row)
Grab and go: Death Row Cannabis pre-roll packs. (Courtesy Death Row)

Chronic king Snoop Dogg hath taken possession of his former label, Death Row Records. This March, Death Row Cannabis adds to its four-strain debut in California with pre-rolled joints infused with the cannabis extract ‘liquid diamonds.’ That’s a mix of delicious terpenes and crystals of pure THC-A. So-called ‘infused joints’ add flavor and power to traditional flower pre-rolls, and ensure everyone at the party stays litty in the city. The glass-tipped two-gram joints come in Bubblegum OG. Multipack jars of half-gram pre-rolls come in OG, Bubblegum OG, Cotton Candy OG, and GG4. On sale at all TRP held dispensaries in Cali, like Dr. Greenthumbs. Looking for something sungrown? See also: Solful’s new line of perfectly cured, ripe pre-rolls from the 2022 full-sun season.

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Raw Garden gummies

Single-source live resin gummies. Yum. (Courtesy Roaw Garden)

We found the end of the rainbow: fields of fresh-frozen, single-source cannabis oil powering Raw Garden’s new 5 mg gummies. They come in five flavors: watermelon, white peach, wild strawberry, bing cherry, and meyer lemon. They’re sweet, delicate, and delicious, with no artificial flavorings. Make sure to go slow. It’s easy to overdo it on edibles this tasty.

CAMP 007 Up

CAMP 007 Up. (Courtesy CAMP)
CAMP 007 Up—a hybrid of Lemon Tree and White OG. (Courtesy CAMP)

Award-winning Nevada brand CAMP wants you to try their top strain 007 Up with a porter or a stout. The cultivar 007 Up took the 2022 Jack Herer Cup in Vegas with its effervescent, citrusy, limonene-dominant smell and taste. Find 007 Up at 5 The Source spots in Nevada, as well as other stores.

Green Dot Labs’ ROYGBIV brand Orange strain

Green Dot ROYGBIV  Orange up close. (Courtesy Green Dot Labs)
Green Dot ROYGBIV Orange up close. (Photo by Tyler Getz, courtesy Green Dot Labs)

Colorado’s Green Dot Labs has a new line of releases called ROYGBIV that is an acronym of the color of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green … you get it. Second from ROYGBIV: their bright, sunny ‘Orange’ strain—a mix of Reba Jam and Rainbow Belts V2 that smells bright, juicy, sweet, sugary, orange, and lemon. It tastes like orange sherbet and fruit vitamins. Hybrids like these make a hike extra interesting.

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Fig Farms Blue Face

Blue Face. Hybrid. (Courtesy Fig Farms)
Blue Face. Hybrid. (Courtesy Fig Farms)

Go all Celtic for St. Patrick’s Day with Blue Face from one of the US’ best flower brands, Fig Farms. Fresh drops have just hit California, Illinois, and Arizona. Blue Face is the sister to Fig Farms’ Emerald Cup-winning Animal Face. That’s Face Off OG x Animal Mints, just with more blue color and the smell of “freshly rubbed eraser, redwood bark, ginger, and window cleaner.” Fig says Blue Face is a pain in the butt to raise, with stupefying strength, and a sharp, indelible odor that we somehow fall in love with. Sounds like some of our best Irish friends. Blue Face took 3rd place behind its 1st place sibling in the Indoor Flower category at Emerald Cup 2022.

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CANN Ginger Lemongrass drink

Dry March on. (Courtesy Cann)
Banish those snakes: CANN Ginger Lemongrass. (Courtesy Cann)

CANN’s Ginger Lemongrass drink returns for a second year in our St. Patty’s Day list. Maybe you’re doing a Dry March instead of a Dry January and you want to keep it Cali sober. Maybe you’re just giving your lungs a rest. CANN’s delicately dosed 2 mg THC and 4 mg CBD really pairs well with picnics and garden parties. The hemp version sells in New York, Nevada, Minnesota, Florida, California, Texas, Arizona, and more.

Blue Dream

Let the blue sky come out. Blue Dream. (David Downs/Leafly)
Let the blue sky come out. Blue Dream. Via Smokeland Delivery. (David Downs/Leafly)

St. Patty’s Day is the ultimate time to smoke green weed. When we think of epic green weed strains, it’s hard to get more legit than Blue Dream. Smoking it feels like walking through a verdant green field on a sunny day with little sheep baying and white puffy clouds inching by. This cross of Blueberry and Haze has reigned since the ’90s, and it’s currently having a big resurgence out west. Seven Leaves has a dope new Blue Dream on offer. We’re smoking Blue Dream ounces of outdoor from Calaveras County for $99 with tax included. Blue Dream’s got that perfect, 50-50 hybrid effect that won’t slow you down, even as it chills out anxiety. There’s so much awesome green weed out there to shop. See also: Marshmallow OG from MOCA Humboldt—it’s preternaturally delicious.

Humboldt Seed Co seeds

Lastly, St. Patty’s Day weekend is a fine time to prepare for germinating your annual, full-sun outdoor crop. You start the seeds inside and transplant by Mother’s Day, for a fresh pound of pot by Halloween. Available nationally in licensed dispensaries as well as online, Humboldt Seed Co is hard to beat, thanks to its massive catalog of tested, consistent, high-quality seeds. Humboldt Seed Co just announced a fresh collaboration with Europe’s Sensi Seeds—releasing two feminized cultivars, and two automatic cultivars that make it easier than ever to harvest some excellence. Purple Berry Muffinz combines winning Blueberry Muffin with Purple Bud and Zkittlez. It’s for hybrid lovers who want frosty, dense, purple and green bud that’s sweet with candy strawberry fuel notes, and grounded, giggly effects. The compact, efficient plant can thrive in a closet. Like a stinky lil’ leprechaun.

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And that’s some super-green St. Patty’s Day picks for your epic weekend. If you’re looking for more expertly chosen options, read more Leafly Picks! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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