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Published on August 28, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Responsible for the spiciness in black pepper, β-caryophyllene is also found in rosemary and cloves.

This gem of a terpene was the first non-cannabinoid to activate cannabinoid receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system (much like CBD) and with this, targets the peripheral nervous system more than the brain.Join the Leafly Canada Community

What does this mean?

The medical community has had their eyes on β-caryophyllene for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and subsequent pain relief, amongst other medical applications. For the average consumer, you can also experiment with β-caryophyllene for the same effects.

Check out these β-caryophyllene rich strains at a dispensary near you:

A. Haze (Amnesia Haze) by High Tide

A high THC sativa dominant strain known for having strong effects. A. Haze smells like sweet fresh fruit with hash undertones and hints of spice (hello, β-caryophyllene!).

This strain is said to give a wonderful boost of creative energy followed by a floating body buzz that will leave you relaxed and feeling at ease. This all sounds great, but users who are new to cannabis should proceed with caution. A. Haze got its name for a reason; consuming too much can cause mild memory loss.

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Moonbeam by LBS

A potent and sedative strain smelling of earthy sweet citrus with a touch of diesel. Moonbeam is best left for nighttime use.

Starting off, this strain can act quickly, and is known to wash over you with a euphoric relaxation that transcends (or should we say, descends) most into drowsiness followed by a peaceful sleep. Although Moonbeam is said to send you off to lalaland, some users have reported their minds race with creative thoughts and a euphoric sense of happiness as they drift off into the night.

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Wappa by RedeCan

Upon opening the product, customers report being hit with a strong aroma of sweetness and a hint of skunk.

Wappa is said to come on strong with its glowy and joyful effects, but isn’t too overwhelming overall. Users love that it takes you on a spacey introspective journey as your mental worries and physical aches melt away.

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Lola Montes (Hash Plant) by Edison

Lola Montes’ dense, emerald green buds give off floral, tangy, and fresh scents with deep earthy and spicy undertones.

In the beginning of the high, many have said their worries were erased and their mood was uplifted. As the experience progresses, the weight of the day falls off as a warm lazy body stone takes over. It has also been said to help manage aches and pain.

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Super Skunk by Royal High

Super Skunk lives up to its name with a skunky floral pungent aroma and spicy wood undertones.

This medium THC potent strain is great for the afternoon and evening, and has been said to improve moods, spark creativity, and offer a euphoric body buzz to keep you going for the rest of the day.

Important to note: users have reported Super Skunk’s high to be a long one, with effects lasting as long as five to six hours.

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