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8 of Oregon’s Most Amazing THC-Dominant Cannabis Flowers

Published on August 27, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Earlier this year, Leafly invited Oregon growers to share some of their best THC-dominant flowers with us, and all we can say is wow. Oregon does not disappoint. In a competitive market with so many farms bringing fantastic flower to dispensary shelves, our expert panel received and rated over 50 flower submissions.

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Using our CRS methodology that rates and critically analyzes cannabis by its aroma, flavor, appearance, cure, and overall experience, each of these strains received a top score (which you can read more about here). While this is not an exhaustive list of all the amazing flower coming out of Oregon, we wanted to highlight eight strains and farms that really stood out from the pack.

The best thc-dominant cannabis strains in Oregon

Click to enlarge. (Elysse Feigenblatt/Leafly)

#1 | Mendo Breath by Pistil Point

High-THC weed strains in Oregon: Mendo Breath

Price: $30 to $42 per eighth

Mendo Breath is an exquisite cross that blends OGKB and Mendo Montage genetics into a beautifully potent package. Pistil Point’s cut is quick to capture your attention with a frosty layer of trichomes that cover the entire surface of the bud and explode from every nook and cranny. The nose on this flower is excellent and only gets better the more you interact with it. Its deeply complex aroma is highlighted by a floral lavender sweetness intertwined with skunky, slightly doughy undertones.

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From the tasting notebook:

“This strain is great to look at and even better to smoke. It’s a special, strong strain that I would recommend everyone try.”

#2 | Jack Herer by Noble Farms

High-THC weed strains in Oregon: Jack Herer

Price: $36 per eighth

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Noble Farms puts the classic, uplifting vibes of Jack Herer on full display with their happy little tree-shaped buds that are dripping in resin, like fresh morning dew. Its loud and inviting aroma is highlighted by sweet and sour citrus notes and capped with a piney, spiced kush note. The clear-headed, happy effects of Noble Farms’ Jack Herer create an enjoyable, heady buzz that leaves a glow of euphoria lingering long after the exhale.

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From the tasting notebook:

“Really enjoyed this one! It had a lot of interesting and strong characteristics that accumulated to a really enjoyable, albeit strong experience.”

#3 | Lemon Meringue by Avitas

High-THC weed strains in Oregon: Lemon Meringue

Price: $33 to $42 per eighth

Well-trimmed, picturesque, and a dusting of trichomes that gets even better as you crack into the bud—this is why Avitas’ Lemon Meringue is regarded by many as the exemplar of bag appeal. Lemon Meringue’s visual appeal is followed up by a captivating aroma that blends sweet and sour fruit with deep earthiness. Smoked, its flavor is led by a spicy, peppery note while vaporizing upholds the intricate blend of sweeter terpenes. The potent yet balanced effects of this strain are quick to deliver pure euphoric bliss, like a calming bubble bath for the mind and body.

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From the tasting notebook:

“This was a truly exceptional flower. The visual appeal is outstanding. The aroma and flavor are mirror images of each other which can’t always be said.”

541 Kush offers flavors of berry, menthol, and earthiness that blend into a complex mouthful of smooth smoke.
541 Kush offers flavors of berry, menthol, and earthiness that blend into a complex mouthful of smooth smoke.

#4 | 541 Kush by Eugenius

High-THC weed strains in Oregon: 541 Kush

Price: $35 per eighth

Eugeneius’ 541 Kush is a select phenotype of Triangle Kush. It carries a gassy, citrus aroma with added notes of deep pine that invigorate the senses. Flavors of sweet berry, cooling menthol, and sharp earthiness blend into a complex mouthful of smooth smoke that leaves you glowing with a goofy, dreamy mind melt that seeps throughout the body.

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From the tasting notebook:

“The strong berry and grape aroma of this strain will not soon be forgotten. Its effects are soothing and ethereal.”

#5 | Blue City Diesel by Leap Farms

High-THC weed strains in Oregon: Blue City Diesel

Price: $30 to $36 per eighth

The tight, well-manicured flowers of Leap Farms’ Blue City Diesel flower are chunky without being overly dense and exude a spiced citrus scent. When you break into these Blue City Diesel nugs, the aroma profile deepens into an intricate weave of pine, sweet dough, lime, and sour citrus. Potent and punchy, this strain comes on quick and evokes a calm, focused, creative energy that is euphoric yet functional.

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From the tasting notebook:

“Really amazing aroma and flavor that had me searching for the right words to adequately capture the different nuances.”

#6 | Locomotion by Uplifted Farms

High-THC weed strains in Oregon: Locomotion

Price: $30 to $42 per eighth

Uplifted Farms grows a specific phenotype of Locomotion known as the “Blue Cut.” It’s a gorgeous flower with dark purple, almost-blue hues melting over green and sparkling with white-tipped trichomes. Sweet citrus and earthy flavors collide with a touch of sour that makes for a delicious smoke. More complex fruity flavors jump in when vaped at lower temperatures. The light fruity flavors taper quickly into the rocket-launching effects that wash over the mind with a tidal wave of euphoria. Clear your schedule and clear the tracks—Locomotion packs a wallop!

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From the tasting notebook:

“The appearance was very alluring and the fragrance became more enjoyable after the grind, emitting touches of citrus and pine.”

#7 | Monkey Thunder by Phantom Farms

High-THC weed strains in Oregon: Monkey Thunder

Price: $20 for 4 grams

Phantom Farms’ Monkey Thunder has a nice spear-like structure and an even canopy of crystal resin. Tropical aromas with hints of pineapple and flowers dance around the tightly trimmed buds. Flavors of sweet herbs and pine mingle with sharp citrus zest and produce well-balanced effects that cloak body and mind in an aura of comfort while maintaining focus.

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From the tasting notebook:

“Its intricate aroma radiates with the unmistakable smell of ruby red grapefruits with a flavor that is similarly impressive. I’m unsurprised that a terpene profile this diverse and abundant has left me feeling blissful and at ease.”

#8 | Strawberry Cough by Prūf Cultivar

High-THC weed strains in Oregon: Strawberry Cough

Price: $29 to $45 per eighth

Prūf Cultivar grows a visually stunning cut of Strawberry Cough, a classic strain. The flowers emit sweet, floral notes and a slightly fruity finish of apricot and berries. A spiced herbal scent lies underneath and follows through with a full-flavored herbal mix and a tangy skunk note that livens everything up. The creeper effects of Prūf’s Strawberry Cough are slow to come on, but melt into full-bodied bliss.

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From the tasting notebook:

“This is a beautiful strain! The bud is so frosty and the aroma was pungent and savory. This strain is all dressed up and on its way somewhere fancy.”

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