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Frequently asked questions about weed candy

What are the effects of weed candies?

The effects of weed candy edible are long-lasting but slow to kick in. The exact amount of time you will feel effects from candy edible depends on factors like THC content, dosage, and type of strain used for the candy. Because of this, the best way to approach candies, mints, lozenges, or gum is to start low and take it slow until you know how each kind of edible affects your body.

How much are THC candies?

Edible candies infused with THC or CBD usually run on the cheaper end of the price spectrum, especially if you’re looking for single servings. In general, the price of candy edibles ranges from $5-30. The total price depends on factors such as local taxes, servings, THC strength, and quality of ingredients used.

Do edible marijuana candies expire?

Yes, THC and CBD candy edibles can expire. On average, edible candies will last up to six months. After that, THC begins to degrade and the edible will lose potency. When you buy edible mints, gums, lozenges, it’s always important to read the packaging to make sure you are storing it appropriately so it will retain the expected potency and flavor. This type of information is usually available on the packaging of your gummies or candy.

How do I buy edible candy? Online or in-person?

You can buy edible candy online for in-store pick up or for delivery. Leafly is an app that allows you to place pickup orders online for edible candies at a dispensary near you. Alternatively, you can use the Leafly app to find the closest dispensary near you to see their edible offerings before you visit in-person. Either way, ordering online is the easiest and quickest way to buy edible candy, gums, and mints.

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