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Star signs and cannabis strains: August 2023 horoscopes

Published on August 1, 2023
Psychedelic space illustration that reads "Stars & Strains"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Hello, stargazers, and welcome to another month of smoking under the stars. It’s Leo season, folks! Get ready for an exciting month as the sun struts its stuff, showering us with the lion’s sizzling charisma. Expect a boost in confidence and creativity, making you feel like a rockstar. This is the time to let your true self shine, express yourself, and embrace your uniqueness. 

But there’s a little hitch—watch out for Mercury’s retrograde around mid-month. It might cause some wonky communication and misunderstandings, especially for our Aries, Gemini, and Sagittarius friends. Take a moment to think before you leap, and avoid hasty decisions.

Now, here’s the good stuff! The Full Moon in Aquarius will bring out some mind-blowing ideas that push us to think beyond ourselves and help foster togetherness. With Uranus going retrograde in Taurus, some signs may experience deep inner changes. This phenomenon happens for a few months each year, and is considered a significant astrological event. It prompts us to reassess our lives, question old belief systems, and strike out on new paths to self-discovery.

Your August horoscope


Lion on pink weed leaf background with joints and word "Leo"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Happy birthday, Leo! Lions are famous for being powerful, confident, and ambitious. With their charm and fiery confidence, Leos naturally draw others towards them, making every moment feel like a grand celebration.

August is your time to shine as the sun blazes through your magnetic sign, infusing you with an electrifying energy. Your confidence will soar, and your creativity will be at its peak, making it the perfect time for self-expression. The cosmic spotlight is on you, and the world is ready to witness your brilliance! Be mindful around mid-month as Mercury turns retrograde in your sign—some communication hiccups and misunderstandings might arise, so take your time expressing yourself clearly.

The planetary shifts this August will impact you, Leo, in fascinating ways. With Uranus turning retrograde in Taurus, you might develop a taste for growth and transformation. This could lead you to explore a new spiritual practice or endeavor into plant medicine. Embrace this journey of self-exploration; the healing energies of cannabis could very well enhance your well-being. Embrace your fiery season, dear Leo, and let August serve your personal growth, creative endeavors, and transformative connections.

August strain: Your birthday month calls for a royal celebration, and this potent strain blends the rich essence of Kush with the delectable sweetness of cake. Embrace the spotlight as LA Kush Cake empowers you to shine brightly, fueling your creativity and charisma, leaving a trail of inspiration wherever you go.

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Virgo maiden on light green background with word "Virgo"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Welcome to August, Virgo! Leo season takes center stage and with it shifts your vibes to more introspective and reflective. While the radiant energy of Leo can be invigorating, it may also guide you towards moments of quiet and self-care. Embrace this time for self-reflection, allowing the energetic and creative vibes of Leo season to inspire you.

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Stay alert around mid-month as Mercury turns retrograde in Leo, bringing some communication challenges and misunderstandings. Take extra care to articulate your thoughts clearly to avoid unnecessary confusion.

This month’s planetary shifts have a significant impact on you, Virgo. With Uranus turning retrograde in Taurus, alternative healing methods and spiritual exploration will seem especially intriguing; cannabis has incredible potential for aiding in relaxation and personal growth. Use this time to research and learn about the various strains and properties of cannabis, and its role in your wellness routine. Embrace the Leo season’s vibrant energy and let the stars guide you towards inner growth.

August strain: Experience perfection in every puff with Kush Mints, Virgo! Embrace your love of precision and attention to detail of this exceptional strain as it brings clarity to your mind and a calming fire to your soul, allowing you to navigate the month with impeccable focus. It also has a unique menthol mouthfeel with a creamy flavor, and from it have sprouted many more beloved strains.

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Scales on yellow and blue sky background with pipes in the corners and word "Libra"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

As August unfolds, the spotlight shines on you during the charismatic Leo season, Libra. This period will light your spark, encouraging you to showcase your passions and assert your creative expression. You’ll radiate charm and confidence, drawing others towards your beguiling aura. It’s the perfect time to connect with like-minded individuals and foster meaningful relationships.

Mercury’s retrograde in Leo around mid-month might stir up some communication snags, so keep your lines clear to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

This month’s planetary shifts hold special significance for you, Libra. With Uranus turning retrograde in Taurus, you may feel an inner pull towards self-discovery and personal growth. This transformative energy could lead you to explore alternative healing practices, and you might find yourself intrigued by the potential benefits of cannabis for relaxation and wellness. Embrace the Leo season’s radiant energy and let the stars guide you towards balanced connections.

August strain: You’re known for keeping the peace, and your loved ones will need that this month. Find harmony and delight all month long with Strawberry Haze, Libra! Let the euphoric effects of this euphoric sativa and its tasty, fruit-forward flavor profile spark your creativity and foster a sense of inner and communal balance. 

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Scorpion on blue tie dye background with word "Scorpio"
(Scorpio by Savina Monet for Leafly)

As Leo season sets the stage, you may find yourself experiencing a surge of transformative energy. The fiery charisma of Leo will ignite your passion and determination to pursue your deepest desires, without fear. Embrace this intense vibe and let your authentic self shine.

However, beware of Mercury’s retrograde in Leo mid-month, as it may bring some communication challenges and misunderstandings. Stay mindful of your interactions and take the time to express yourself clearly to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

You’ll feel the planetary shifts this August pretty significantly, Scorpio. With Uranus turning retrograde in Taurus, expect a powerful urge for inner transformation. Keep an open mind to alternative methods of relaxation and tools for self-discovery—this is an opportunity to delve into the diverse world of cannabis and discover its potential benefits for your emotional well-being and personal growth. Embrace the ebullience of Leo season, Scorpio, and let the stars guide you towards profound growth.

August strain: You’re known for your intensity, so this summer warrants a strain full of flavor and feel-good effects. Let the luscious grape and earthy berry flavors of Grape Inferno dance on your taste buds. This indica-dominant will keep you relaxed as you ignite your inner fire and conquer the cosmos, no matter the occasion.

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Hooved archer on pale pink background with joints in the corners and word "Sagittarius"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Get ready for an exhilarating August, Sag. The radiant energy of Leo will light an even bigger fire within you, fueling your sense of wanderlust and thirst for new experiences. Take a leap of faith and let your adventurous spirit lead the way towards new horizons. Keep Mercury’s retrograde in Leo around mid-month in mind, as it might throw a wrench in your planning and communications. Stay open-minded and clear in your interactions to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Uranus turning retrograde in Taurus will push you towards exploring new ways to take care of yourself and strive for self-improvement. This cosmic alignment could also spark curiosity for learning about different strains of cannabis, or a new way to consume; their potential benefits for well-being might surprise you. Let the vibes of Leo season start your engines, Sagittarius, and the stars will guide you towards new adventures.

August strain: Ignite your adventurous spirit with a strain worthy of your crackling spirit, Green Wildfire! This month calls for a blaze of exploration and boundless enthusiasm, and this captivating, sativa-dominant strain will be your perfect companion. It has invigorating flavors of pine and lemon, paired with a potency to fuel your curiosity and propel you on a journey of discovery.

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Horned goat on green background with cannabis border and the word "Capricorn"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

August brings a dynamic shift, Cap, as Leo season eclipses the cosmic spotlight. This period will urge you to embrace those passions you may have put on the backburner. Leo’s radiant energy will empower you to take charge; let this confident vibe drive you and your ambition to new heights.

However, be careful when Mercury turns retrograde in Leo in mid-August, which might cross some wires and lead to misunderstandings. Stay patient and compassionate to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

With Uranus turning retrograde in Taurus, you might feel a call to explore alternative ways of relaxation and self-discovery. This cosmic alignment may lead you to delve into the therapeutic potential of cannabis, seeking its calming and healing effects. Embrace the vibrant Leo season, Capricorn, and let August guide you towards ambitious pursuits.

August strain: Conquer new heights and surprise yourself with Mountaindrop Mint, Capricorn! This cool strain is perfectly balanced with a touch of invigorating fire—and it does have a minty flavor, topped with skunky and sweet notes. As you ascend to the pinnacle of your ambitions, let the soothing essence of Mountaindrop Mint encourage you to achieve greatness. 

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Water flowing out of pitcher on blue sky background with the word "Aquarius"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Brace yourself for an exciting August, Aquarius. Leo season will infuse you with the inspiration to explore new ideas and connect with your artistic side. Embrace this time and let your originality shine—don’t be afraid to step into the spotlight. However, be mindful around mid-month as Mercury turns retrograde in Leo, potentially creating some chaos in your communication. Take the time to articulate your thoughts clearly and don’t be afraid to follow up.

Uranus turning retrograde in Taurus, means an acute desire for inner exploration and personal reflection. Embrace the charismatic Leo season, Aquarius, and let the stars guide you towards exciting breakthroughs, intellectual pursuits, and a deeper connection with the world of cannabis.

August strain: Stay cool, Cap, and let the vibrant flavors and euphoric effects of Electric Kool Aid fuel your passion for exploration as you sail the cosmic seas of inspiration throughout this sizzling summer month. This fruit-forward strain will help you light the fire within and take you on a psychedelic journey like never before.

Serve yourself some Georgia Pie—August’s Leafly HighLight strain


Two fish swimming near each other with bongs on blue and pink background with word "Pisces"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Just keep swimming Pisces, as August infuses you with a burst of creative energy. The radiant vibes of Leo season make it the perfect time to explore your artistic talents and release your emotions. Tap into your imaginative side and let your dreams take flight.

You may find solace and inspiration in the world of cannabis, using its calming properties to enhance your mental flow and inner exploration. However, be mindful of Mercury’s retrograde in Leo around mid-month—it may make some communications messy. Take a deep breath and do your best to keep your interactions clear. 

You might feel a deeper longing for working on yourself, thanks to Uranus turning retrograde in Taurus. This cosmic alignment may help your gravitate towards the therapeutic benefits of cannabis for relaxation and introspection. This is an opportunity to learn more about the plant and how its compounds influence how you’ll feel. Let the stars guide you towards creative insights.

August strain: Embrace the enchanting allure of Green Dragon, Pisces! This potent strain exudes a mesmerizing blend of earthy aromas and a hint of citrusy zest, as well as an intense mental inspiration. Let the mystical Green Dragon fuel your wildest ideas and creativity as you navigate the depths of your dreams and passions.

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Ram on pink background with blunts and word "Aries"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Brace yourself for an exhilarating August, rams, as Leo season takes the center stage and puts you in the cosmic spotlight. With the sun blazing through your charismatic sign, an electrifying surge of confidence and creativity will course through your veins. Time to unleash your raw self and bask in the limelight, embracing your individuality and passions. 

However, Mercury turning retrograde in Leo mid-month might cause some communication challenges and misunderstandings for you. Take a deep breath, think twice on your decisions, and focus on clear communication to avoid unnecessary hiccups.

Intriguing planetary shifts shape your month, Aries. Uranus turns retrograde in Taurus, prompting a profound inner journey. This transformative energy might awaken your curiosity towards alternative healing methods and spiritual exploration—for example, the therapeutic potential of cannabis for self-discovery and personal growth.

August strain: Fire signs have adventurous palates, and you need something tantalizing, Aries. Let the energizing effects of Dragon Fruit  fuel your passion and ambitions. This dank hybrid blends Snow Lotus and Haze for effects that keep your mind right and body soothed. Embrace the fire within and experience a month of vibrant growth and thrilling experiences.

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Bull head on light green background with cannabis border with word "Taurus"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Hey there, Taurus! August is going to be an exciting month for you. Leo season will catalyze a surge of passion and creativity, encouraging you to express yourself in ways you haven’t explored. Leaning on your confidence and charisma will be your allies in letting your unique talents shine!

But heed this warning! In mid-August, Mercury goes retrograde in Leo. This might cause some communication hiccups and misunderstandings, so take your time to express yourself clearly and avoid making impulsive decisions.

Other planetary shifts in August hold special significance for you. Uranus turning retrograde in your sign will bring about a profound desire to break free from old patterns. You might find yourself yearning for new healing methods and spiritual practices—and hey, cannabis for relaxation and self-discovery might just fill that desire.

August strain: Stay grounded, bulls. Get in touch with your earthy nature with a hybrid made from two landrace strains. Embrace the fierce allure of Red Dragon! Let the fiery effects of this Afghani x South American cross elevate your senses, turn up the good vibes, and empower you to conquer your challenges.

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two women looking at each other over sky background with pipes with word "Gemini"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Get ready, Gemini, for an exciting and dynamic August as Leo season takes the stage. During this time, the sun’s lionesque charisma will amplify your communicative abilities and spark your creativity. It’s an ideal time to express yourself and connect with others on a deeper, creative level. Watch out for Mercury’s retrograde in Leo around mid-month, as it might cause some communication snafus and misunderstandings. Think before you speak or make decisions to avoid unnecessary tangles.

Additionally, Uranus turning retrograde in Taurus will inspire you to explore unconventional approaches to self-improvement and relaxation. This cosmic alignment can pique your interest in wellness and self-care, and cannabis might top the list. Embrace the Leo season’s vivacious vibes and let August take you on a journey of intellectual growth and discovery. Stay open-minded, Gemini, and let the stars guide you to new horizons!

August strain: Ignite your duality, Gemini, with Fire OG! This potent strain will fuel both your playful and intellectual sides. It also has that classic earthy, pine forest zest OGs are beloved for. Embrace the fire within and let Fire OG be your guiding light through a month of exciting possibilities and thrilling discoveries! 

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Crab on blue watery background with glass rigs in border and word "Cancer"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

As August unfolds, Cancer, you’ll find yourself immersed in the radiant energy of Leo season. This charismatic period will encourage you to step out of your shell (literally) and tap into your innate creativity and emotional depth. The sun’s influence in Leo will infuse you with confidence and passion, so take a risk with your dreams and express your true self to the world.

Just be mindful of potential communication challenges around mid-month as Mercury turns retrograde in Leo. Take extra care to convey your emotions clearly to avoid any misunderstandings during this period.

The planetary shifts in August hold significant meaning for you, Cancer. Uranus turning retrograde in Taurus might spur an acute longing for stability and security. This energy could lead you to explore alternative ways of finding comfort and relaxation. Why not delve into the benefits of cannabis for relaxation and emotional well-being?

August strain: Embrace the divine serenity of Bio-Jesus, Cancer! This month calls for a deep spiritual connection, and this remarkable strain will guide you on a soulful journey, balancing the fires of introspection and tranquility. Let the calming effects of Bio-Jesus soothe your emotions and ignite a sense of inner peace.

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Carmen Ramirez
Carmen Ramirez
Carmen Ramirez is a Cuban American astrology and cannabis enthusiast raised in Miami, FL. She’s a Pisces who loves baking, coffee, and live music. When she’s not camping in her van, she lives in Evergreen, Colorado.
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