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America’s best Jack Herer for Jack Herer Day and beyond

Published on June 16, 2023 · Last updated June 20, 2023
Start a revolution on June 18—Jack Herer Day—with these 28 energetic, terpinolene-forward picks across eight legalization states. (Leafly)

Sunday, June 18, is Jack Herer Day, an unofficial remembrance for the profane, bombastic, lovable weed warrior and author of the landmark 1985 hemp legalization polemic “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.”

Herer died in 2010 at age 70, just two years before voters passed weed legalization in Colorado and Washington. Today, 23 states and Washington, DC, have legalized THC, and the federal government has made hemp federally legal, igniting an explosion of CBD oil products and a weed seed golden age. Jack would have loved it, and yet would still have found rights to fight for.

The strain named in honor of Jack Herer is no lightweight, either. Made in the ‘90s by Sensi Seeds in Amsterdam, Jack Herer is a top 15 most menu-available strain in the US this June on Leafly. Jack’s not a most-searched strain anymore, but it’s still simmering in the top 30. Jack is more like The Doobie Brothers and other classic rock stalwarts—the glimmering green buds remain a staple of US weed culture.

We shopped, smoked, and scouted the US for the best Jack Herer growers across the land. We also widened the lens to include several strains analogous to Jack Herer in their dominant smell molecule—terpinolene.


Jack Herer, Midnight Fruit Co. 

Does Oregon have good Jack? You bet. Jack Herer from Midnight Fruit Co, Oregon. (Ryan Herron/Leafly)
Does Oregon have good Jack? You bet your ass it does. Jack Herer from Midnight Fruit Co, Oregon. (Ryan Herron/Leafly)

This sample invokes nostalgia for the days we were lucky enough to score a good bag of Jack, with exaggerated bubblegum and nose-tickling tropical fruit notes. A classic haze-forward nose, excellent structure, and soaring high make it easy to see why the crew over at Midnight Fruit Co. has been running this cut for over a decade.

Keith elaborated on keeping this time-honored cultivar in the garden. “Whether it’s more seasoned generations that remember a particular time they had Jack 20 years ago, or a younger person experiencing it for the first time, it’s one of those classic strains that keeps folks coming back for more.” (Ryan Herron)

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Buddha’s Hand

Esensia Gardens-grown Buddha's Hand. (David Downs/Leafly)
Esensia Gardens-grown Buddha’s Hand. (David Downs/Leafly)

Few growers carry the torch for Jack terps in Cali like Esensia Gardens, sold at Solful in San Francisco and Sebastopol. Buddha’s Hand and Lime Juice descend from the old-school Chernobyl strain, which is terpinolene-forward. Lime Juice is a top 10 outdoor strain in the state in 2023 The Emerald Cup. Bored by Gelatos? Esensia Gardens and Solful will both cleanse your palate. The top-shelf outdoor comes from a diverse, legacy team up in the hills of Mendocino County. Jack Herer would be proud to wake and bake with these buds.

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Jack Herer and other terpinolene strains are often commodity crops in Washington—they’re affordable in every modality from flower to dab.

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Strains similar to Jack Herer

Mattole Valley Organics Jack Herer; via Flore dispensary. Sativa fo the divas. (David Downs/Leafly)
Mattole Valley Organics Jack Herer; via Flore dispensary. For the sativa divas. (David Downs/Leafly)

Candy Jack




Dutch Treat



Super Lemon Haze


Coloradoans have deep experience with good Jack Herer, as well as terpinolene strains and sativas, in general. Look out for:

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Jack Herer by Rythm, Nevada

Freedom fighter: Jack Herer. (Courtesy Rythm, IL)
Freedom fighter: Jack Herer. (Courtesy Rythm, IL)

Rythm’s Jack strain doesn’t mess around. A strong citrus flavor on both the in and out provides an incredibly smooth smoke that hits hard. At 25% THC and 4.9 mg/g caryophyllene, it’s stronger than your average Jack, which means a consistently uplifting, euphoric, and energizing high. Rythm’s trichome-loaded and pungent strain produces one of Nevada’s most beautiful and sticky buds. Careful, though; even a little bit too much of this Jack can leave users feeling heavy behind the eyes. It’s available in 45 Las Vegas dispensaries, including Reef, Las Vegas ReLeaf, Essence, Jardín, The Source, Nevada Wellness Center, Beyond Hello, Exhale NV, Curaleaf, Zen Leaf, Jade, Rise, and Sahara Wellness. (Chris Kudialis)

What does Jack Herer feel and taste like?

Folks report getting energetic, uplifted, and creative on Jack Herer. They use it to treat stress, anxiety, and depression. People say Jack tastes piney, spicy, and woody. But varieties like Candy Jack have a special candy-necklace sweetness to them. Jack’s top terps are terpinolene, caryophyllene, and pinene.


Jack Herer up close. (Courtesy Rythm)
Jack Herer up close. (Courtesy Rythm)

Illinois’ fledgling market offers Jack any number of ways. Check out:

  • Jack Herer by Rythm
  • Jack Herer mini joints by Dogwalkers
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Pine Grande, Bountiful Farms

(Courtesy Bountiful Farms)
(Courtesy Bountiful Farms)

Massachusetts’ award-winning Bountiful Farms grows terpinolene-dominant strains analogous to Jack Herer. Check the prized Pina Grande, their in-house staple landrace cross Durban Walker or Zweet Inzanity. Bountiful’s latest in Jacks+Haze is Dripz (Pineapple Chunk x Skywalker Og).

OK—that’s enough top Jack to get you started. Hit that terpinolene wake and bake, ride the rocket of productivity, and show the courage of Jack Herer. Hell, they might name a strain after you one day.

Shout out your favorite Jack Herer or terpinolene growers and brands in the comments below. 

Freelancers Ryan Herron and Chris Kudialis contributed to this report.

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David Downs
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