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The best cannabis strains for extroverts

Published on August 22, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
(Loveis Wise for Leafly)

Introverts and extroverts draw their energy from different places: While introverts are energized by solitary pursuits, extroverts recharge by spending time in the company of others.

Extroverts tend to be talkative and outgoing. They enjoy experiences that maximize interpersonal interaction, and they are generally willing to seek out these experiences. Conversely, spending time alone may cause an extrovert to feel bored, anxious, or a little bit blue.

For extroverted cannabis consumers, the best strains will augment social occasions, keeping conversations kindled for hours. The following are a few of our top picks.

Sour Diesel

Widely popular (and perfect for sharing), Sour Diesel keeps consumers happy and upbeat. Though its mental effects have been described as dreamy, this energetic strain definitely won’t put you to sleep—rather, it’ll keep the party going all night long.

“Great for socializing, parties, skateboarding and excellent for the blues.” —GhostOfJack

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Dutch Treat

The classic Dutch Treat has been on most Amsterdam coffeeshop menus for ages, and that’s because it’s the perfect strain to share in any company. Why? It relaxes the mind while improving the mood, which begets good vibes all around. Bring a bit along after work to make happy hour that much happier.

“It’s a great smoke for the afternoon or early evening to jettison stress and chill out with some friends … No wonder it’s a classic.” —cretin71

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As Leafly’s Strain of the Year in 2018, Gelato’s popularity is currently soaring: Last year it was the highest-trafficked strain page on Leafly. It’s a great variety to have on hand for an impromptu smoke sesh because others will be excited to sit down and sample it with you.

This new classic is beloved thanks to its physical relaxation and mental stimulation. We particularly like it for weekend hangouts with no set end time.

“Great strain, would recommend it for those who want to be chillin at home with friends.” —Michael9000

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This soothing strain serves up a cerebral buzz that makes conversations with friends all the more interesting. Mixing Thai, Mexican, Colombian, and Afghani lineages, AK-47 is a party of a strain in and of itself. Plus, its sweet and sour flavors complement each other perfectly.

“This is the bud you smoke when you need to convert your friends to stonerism.” —justbaked42o

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White Widow

Potent yet chatty, White Widow is great for one-on-one convos with your closest cannabis friends. When the effects hit you’ll be flying high, but if you’re already accustomed to the THC, this strain’s buzz is comfortable, uplifting, and enjoyable.

“I felt the need to giggle, crack jokes. This combats stress while … opening up your mind up towards the universe around you inconspicuously.” —greeneyeganja.girl

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Relaxing and giggly, this is an ideal strain for a night in with your best buds. It tastes amazing too: Sweet floral aromas and juicy berry flavors come together to make Plushberry a treat from first whiff to last exhale.

“Aside from the lovely taste, I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the effects! It gets me from brain dead to deeply involved in a stimulating intellectual conversation within 2-3 hits.” —skylitlisa

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Yielding a balanced blend of effects and steering clear of negatives like stupor, anxiety, and paranoia, XJ-13 most often leaves partakers feeling creative, open, and mentally unencumbered. Prepare for deep conversations on things like love and the meaning of life.

“Makes me uplifted, energetic, happy, creative, etc. Perfect for smoking with friends and for going out.” —bleh

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