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What Cannabis Strains Do Women Want?

April 15, 2016

Recently I took a look at the rising female interest in cannabis and shared some business takeaways for dispensaries looking to offer a more female-friendly experience to their clientele. One of the suggestions I made was to make sure dispensaries stock strains that are especially appealing to female consumers, a tip that may have brought about some skepticism. Are there really strains that resonate more strongly with women?


Female Interest in Cannabis Is Growing, But by How Much?

According to our data, yes. What are they, and what qualities do they possess that appeal to the fairer sex? First, let’s take a look at the most popular strains women are searching for on

The Strains Women View the Most on Leafly

Cannabis strains on most viewed by women
Click on the image for an enlarged version

The above chart highlights the 10 cannabis strains most viewed by women. At first glance the data may seem unsurprising, as these strains are also among our most popular overall, so there aren’t any real surprises here. However, things get really interesting when we look at the strain varieties that women look at more than men:

Cannabis Strains Women Look at More Frequently Than Men Do

Cannabis strains listed on that women look at more than men
Click on the image for an enlarged version

The above chart illustrates which strains women view more often than their male counterparts and the percentage increase at which they’re viewing them. This data, supplemented with the list of strains women view the most, leads us to some interesting observations. Why are women attracted to these strains? Here are our hypotheses:

Women Like Sativa Strains and Uplifting Effects

A woman's hand holding cannabis flower

Uplifting sativas and hybrids dominate female preferences, with both charts combining to include only two indica strains. Even the hybrids offer a patten of euphoric, happy, and uplifting commonalities, suggesting these effects are desirable among female consumers.


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Women Seek Out High-CBD Strains

A woman holding the leaves of a cannabis plant

Charlotte’s Web, Harlequin, and Cannatonic are all known for their high-CBD content. According to research, CBD, or cannabidiol, can offer analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety properties. Activist and entrepreneur Jaime Lewis told High Times that women turn to cannabis to help treat a variety of diseases or symptoms including menopause, menstrual cramps, anorexia, breast cancer, and PMS. These high-CBD strains can offer pain relief for a lot of the ailments and discomfort women experience.


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Women Are Interested in Anti-Anxiety Strains

A woman smiling while holding a budding flower on a cannabis plant

Uplifting strains and CBD-heavy options have something in common: they also help mitigate anxiety. According to Leafly user reviews, Charlotte’s Web, Harlequin, Cannatonic, Skywalker, Agent Orange, and Jack Herer all possess anti-anxiety effects. Considering women are twice as likely to have an anxiety disorder as men, you can see why strains that help alleviate these feelings would be especially appealing to females.


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Women Enjoy Sweet, Fruity Flavor Profiles

Sweet berries and fruit on top of a sweet tart

Women have a better sense of taste than men (and no, this isn’t a dig at bro tanks and board shorts), and they’re more likely to be “supertasters,” or people who experience a much more intense sense of taste than average Joes. Many of the strains women search for have distinctly fruity, sweet flavors, such as Green Crack and Harlequin (both offer flavors similar to mangoes), Lemon Kush and its sweet citrus mix, Purple Haze and its sweet berry taste, and Agent Orange’s, well, orange-y citrus fragrance.


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So what strains do women want? According to our data, it’s high-CBD strains and uplifting sativas and hybrids that deliver anti-anxiety effects and taste damn good. Dispensaries: take note of our findings and stock your shelves accordingly. Women could very well be a major contributing factor to ending cannabis prohibition, so make sure your inventory is ready for our discerning tastes.

Of course, our readers were quick to weigh in with their thoughts on our findings; check out which strains they recommend instead.


What Cannabis Strains Do Women Like? Our Readers Weigh In

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Image Source: Sara Dilley

  • ronnor

    Charlotte’s Web has little or no THC so for a mix I use 1/4 CW and Skunks of various types in a Volcano, both give a lift both Sativa s. For an added taste add some flavored pipe tobacco [no tars or nicotine if vaped.]

  • Red Tiger

    I agree for the most part. My current favourites include Jack Herer, Tweed #4 (a proprietary strain from Tweed on Main) and Boaty McBoatface. The first is just for enjoying a good high, the second is awesome for insomnia and the last is truly excellent for pain.

  • Dee-Ann

    I personally like indica and cbd for my pain. I find sativa doesn’t help as much, I also find blue dream gives me high anxiety, and diesel gives me a wicked headache. I even like the high indica hybrids better than the sativa hybrids. So maybe it depends more on what they are using it for. I have fibro and ibs and I need the body stone over a head high, so personally I think indica and cbd are best for those issues
    Cheers 🙂

    • Suzanne Marie Tucker

      Indica strains are great, Kush is a great Indica strain that I find is consistently good and are really great for back pain, head aches, hot flashes, cramps, etc…the hybrids out today are limitless and If you cant find what you want at the dispensary just order some female seeds online and grow your own…That way there, you know exactly what your getting and know that it is safe to consume….

  • I mostly agree to what this article say. I specifically like sweet tasting cannabis the one with high CBD content for my pain.

  • TebiCake

    Hypothesis #5

    Regardless of biological factors, western culture has pushed females away from cannabis. It follows that those who search for these strains are first-timers primarily attracted to the long-term benefical effects of cannabis (i.e. CBD), coincidentially females.

    Hypothesis #6:

    Men are biologically prone to do more exercise, etc. The famous “runner’s high” is responsible for this preference toward exercise, and is mediated by anandamide, our own natural endocannabinoid (which may be replaced with THC).
    It follows that women are less abundant in cannabinoid brain receptors, and are thus less interested in the psychoactive effects of THC and more interested in, say, CBD for sex-specific (e.g. pre-menstrual) pain relief.

    • Suzanne Marie Tucker

      I don’t agree with this statement and I like many different types of strains, also it depends on the time of day and whether it is a weekday or weekend day, that is an old wives tale at best…woman like cannabis for many different reason, more over how about just because it makes us feel good without beating up our liver and kidneys like alcohol and pills do…

  • Brad Detanna

    Your unsupported claim and attached reference that ‘women have more taste than men’ is actually ‘girls have more than boys’ as the synopsis states. While women have been underrepresented in sommelier type roles there is no genetic support of women not being able to conduct such roles but merely social reasons. It is the “ketchup phase in kids” (that matures to mustard with aging taste buds) that the attached study refers to – not the detectable PPM distinctions that you refer to in the article, and wish to support as ‘heightened taste’. Love the article, love the support of ideas, in this case it is just a wrong leap. Keep up the good work.

  • Jacque Gabrielle

    The most important thing is they get to experience & benefit from cannabis.