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What Cannabis Strains Do Women Like? Our Readers Weigh In

If you recall, recently I explored the increase in women exploring cannabis strains and products and shared both growth trends and some insights as to which types of strains they may find appealing. My completely unscientific findings sparked a fantastic debate in the comments, with women weighing in and sharing their go-to strains. Some pointed out that the data I highlighted isn’t very accurate because it only indicates which strains women are looking at, not purchasing. I completely agree — perusing a strain’s details page doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what you’re consuming, but it does show interest, which led to some speculative leaps in logic on my part.

What Cannabis Strains Do Women Want?

My previous article wasn’t meant to boil down all women’s preferences to CBD strains or sativas with uplifting, anti-anxiety effects and sweet, fruity flavors; rather, my colleagues and I noticed some interesting patterns in our analytics that we felt were compelling enough to share and discuss. And discuss you did! Below is a summary of your feedback and reactions:

“Yes, We Do Love Sativa Strains!”

“I [have hypothyroidism] now too since having radiation therapy for being hyper. I cannot smoke anything but sativa strains because indica just makes me feel groggy and tired.” – Linda Vee Sado

“I like sativa the best. It gives me much energy, puts me in a great mood and it doesn’t give me the munchies!!!!!!!” – Christina Ervin Bailey

“I am a sativa girl myself. Indica just makes me feel groggy and puts me to sleep. When I scroll thru what is available I always bypass all indica. I am hypothyroid though and wonder if that affects anything since your metabolism is so slow.” – Linda Vee Sado

5 Indica Cannabis Strains for Sativa Fans

“I’m a 50 year old woman, and smoking for a few decades now. I need energy, happiness, and the ability to get things done. These [sativa] strains help me accomplish it all, with a smile on my face.” – Jacquline Mitchell

“I always gravitate to the sativa strains.” – Holly Martin

“Can’t bear indicas unless [I have] trouble sleeping.” – Margo MacFarlane

Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid: What’s the Difference Between Cannabis Types?

Sativa Strains Suggested by Female Leafly Readers:

Leafly "Green Crack" sativa cannabis strain tile     Leafly "Purple Haze" sativa cannabis strain tile     Leafly "Sour Tangie" sativa cannabis strain tile     Leafly "Strawberry Cough" sativa cannabis strain tile     Leafly "Super Lemon Haze" sativa cannabis strain tile     Leafly "White Haze" sativa cannabis strain tile

“Are You Crazy? We’re Indica Lovers!”

“I am a woman with anxiety and I always go for the relaxing indica strains.” – Samantha Killheffer

“…the article is completely missing mention of strains best suited for nighttime. An uplifting, creative, happy flower can put a bright spin on the day but if I had to [choose], I would never give up the pain relieving, body relaxing, insomnia fighting effects of certain indica leaning strains.” – Haley Ensley

“I am a chronic pain sufferer, and I prefer indica and indica heavy hybrids. My favorite strain is Blackberry Kush. It knocks my pain out completely, and [lets] me relax. I have hypertonia, which is just a fancy way of saying that my muscles don’t relax like they should. When not using medicinally, I still prefer indica for the couch lock type of sedating effects.” – Laura Waite

5 Sativa Cannabis Strains for Indica Lovers

Indica Strain Suggestions by Female Leafly Readers:

Leafly "Kosher Kush" indica cannabis strain tile     Leafly "Northern Lights" indica cannabis strain tile      Leafly "Plushberry" indica cannabis strain tile     Leafly "Purple Kush" indica cannabis strain tile

“We Love Both! And Hybrids!”

“Nice article, I agree, although some sativas give me a headache (terpenes maybe?). I want an indica on hand to take me down from my anxiety. I also love a great giggly strain. I tend to forget my frustrations and there is not much better than a big belly laugh!” – Jennifer Giantvalley

“I’m a female who loves a great indica. I did find that Strawberry Cough is a nice sativa.” – Andrea Nixon

“I find the indica strains make my anxiety worse, a well balanced hybrid works much better for me. I also like a [nice] cerebral high than a panic inducing couch lock.” – Esthero Etro

Quiz: Which Strain Type Are You, Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Hybrid Strain Suggestions by Female Leafly Readers:

Leafly "Cheese Quake" hybrid cannabis strain tile      Leafly "Chernobyl" hybrid cannabis strain tile     Leafly "Cherry Pie" hybrid cannabis strain tile     Leafly "Grape Stomper" hybrid cannabis strain tile     Leafly "Pineapple Kush" hybrid cannabis strain tile     Leafly "Pink Kush" hybrid cannabis strain tile     Leafly "Trainwreck" hybrid cannabis strain tile     Leafly "UK Cheese" hybrid cannabis strain tile     Leafly "White Widow" hybrid cannabis strain tile

“Three Cheers for CBD!”

“I am a woman and I prefer high CBD’s that are indica, hybrid, then sativa.” – Thistle Mikami

“I also prefer indica dominant strains. I buy the CBD [tincture] separately for pain. This also has a tendency to give me too much energy so I cannot slow my brain enough to sleep and this is where the heavier indicas come in. I too have looked at Charlotte’s Web because of the name and never purchased because it was not what I was looking for.” – Chris Kelly

Which Cannabis Strains are High in CBD?

Do More Women Turn to Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes?

A few women wondered whether women are more likely than men to consume cannabis medicinally vs. recreationally:

“Seems about accurate for me. I’ve personally purchased all but two strains on the first chart. I think there are two distinct categories of users though, recreational and medical. I think women tend to fall in the medical category more often than men, only because most diseases and pain syndromes so tend to [affect] more women than men. I think it’s true we seek out high CBD strains and ones for anxiety. A recreational user might not necessarily agree with that. But as a chronic pain patient who suffers from anxiety and THC-induced anxiety, I definitely fit this conjecture of sorts! I prefer high CBD strains because I don’t like the ‘high.’ Harlequin is my favorite right now!” – Lolo Rose

What are the Best Cannabis Strains for Pain?

“[I had] surgery for cancer in the throat, and [have] other medical concerns [so I use] edibles since smoking is a horrible idea for me […] heavy indica tones is what I require for healing [to] put me on the couch or to bed. I have been having lots of trouble getting what I need […] at recreational stores. [The] medical stores I went to are gone, the recreational stores are expensive, and I am also having trouble replacing my mmj card since legalization of marijuana in Washington. I am surprised to have this problem. There is a big push in the stores for sativa and hybrids.” – Ruanda Morrison

Female Interest in Cannabis is Growing, But by How Much?

What’s Your Take?

Ladies, what are your go-to strains and products? Give your input in the poll below:

Indica vs. Sativa Cannabis Edibles: Will They Affect You Differently?

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