Illustration of a camphor laurel, one plant in where the terpene camphor is found (Adobe Stock)

A transparent, waxy, flammable terpene. Camphor produces an intense aroma responsible for the minty flavor in cannabis. It’s also naturally found in certain trees in the laurel family, the kapur tree in South East Asia, rosemary leaves, camphorweed, and camphor basil. Camphor is predominantly used for its scent, however, it is also said to have powerful anesthetic and antimicrobial properties. 

“This strain smells minty. It must have camphor in its terpene profile.”

“Some people use camphor to help with their cough.”

What are the benefits of camphor? 

Camphor can be used as a natural remedy for a cold or cough, and is a natural expectorant. It can be found in products like vapor rubs to help get rid of chest congestion. It also serves as a stimulant. Cannabis strains heavy in camphor will provide an uplifting feeling that can help with focusing. It also makes for a tasty and almost effervescent smoking experience.