A cannon is a product name for a type of cannabis cigarette aka joint. Specifically, a cannon is a joint that is bigger and more cylindrical; like the wide, long shape of a cannon. Smokers on the West Coast as well as in Canada have used the word ‘cannon’ to refer to a fat, cylindrical joint—as opposed to a cone joint—since at least the mid-2010s. Cannons can be found in legal dispensaries as well as among traditional market brands. A cannon with a ‘worm’ of hash rosin in the center combines to create a “hash hole” or “donut” joint. Smokers prefer cannons for stronger, more accurate taste and big effects. A cannon’s wider diameter, can create a more aerated hit which mimics a bong hit—as opposed to ‘pinner’ joints, where the air path is narrower and more restricted, which can obstruct the flow of fresh terpenes to the consumer.

“Let’s roll a cannon with all that outdoor and get blazed.”

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