A cutting taken off a marijuana plant, which will grow into another full plant. A clone is a genetic replica of the mother, the plant it was taken from.

“I like starting from clone rather than seed because you skip the germination and sexing steps.”

What are marijuana clones?

Cannabis plants can start from a seed or clone. Seeds require germination, and in the case of regular seeds, they need to be sexed to separate the females and the males. Growing from a clone can skip these steps.

Clones are cuttings taken off of another plant, called the “mother,” and are genetically identical. Clones need to develop roots before they can be put into soil or another grow medium. Often, they are put in root cubes or a cloner with a rooting hormone to promote growth. After the clone roots out, it is already in the seedling stage. 

Because clones are genetically identical, cloning ensures that a particular strain a grower produces will be the same generation to generation, so consumers will get the same product over and over.