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The process of growing cannabis plants, including preparing soil, germinating seeds, cloning, planting, tending plants, harvesting, and more. 

“Large-scale cannabis cultivation is a sight to behold!”

“Cannabis cultivation can get you in big trouble with the authorities if you’re not in a legal state.”

What is cannabis cultivation?

Cannabis can be cultivated in a variety of ways: indoors, outdoors, hydroponically, aeroponically, and more, and you can start with a seed or a clone. And like regular farming, cannabis can be grown organically, or employ the use of fertilizers. 

Cannabis plants need light, water, nutrients, a growing medium (such as soil), and a suitable environment with adequate temperature and humidity. There are a variety of ways for a plant to get these, and all choices a cultivator makes will affect the plant and the final product. 

Genetics play an important role in how a plant develops, but two plants grown in different environments or with different cultivation techniques will produce different buds in the end. 

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