Delta-3 carene is a terpene found in cannabis and other plants, including rosemary, lemons, and trees such as pines and cedars. Its citrusy and cypress aroma is used in food flavorings and cosmetics products. Medicinally, carene may improve bone health and be used as an anti-inflammatory.  

“I can really smell the carene in this AK-47 bud.”

“I think this Jack strain always gives me cottonmouth because of the carene in it.”

What are the benefits of carene?

Carene has been studied for its medicinal efficacy for decades independent of its role in cannabis. A mouse study conducted in 2019 showed promise that carene could be used as an anti-inflammatory to help treat chronic pain. Another mouse study from 2007 also suggests that carene may have beneficial effects on bone health. 

How to use carene

Carene can be inhaled when smoking or vaping cannabis strains with high amounts of it, such as Super Silver Haze, Jack Herer, and AK-47. Some edible brands may offer strain-specific products that contain carene and other terpenes. 

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