Cottonmouth is the sensation of a dry or parched mouth and throat after smoking cannabis. It is likened to the feeling of having a mouth full of cotton balls.  

“This OG Kush gives me such bad cottonmouth, yet I keep smoking it.”

“I always keep water with me after a sesh to prevent cottonmouth.”

What is cottonmouth?

Cottonmouth can occur with the oral consumption of cannabis, whether it be from dabbing, smoking or vaping. As cannabis smoke or vapor is inhaled, CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors in the mouth’s submandibular glands absorb the compounds and translate them into a recreational high or medical benefit. These glands also produce a majority of the body’s saliva, so the processes that absorb cannabinoids also reflexively decrease saliva production.

Is cottonmouth dangerous?

Not necessarily. Cottonmouth is easily managed with water, lozenges or even special toothpastes, but there are potential long-term effects if not addressed. Chronic dry mouth heightens susceptibility to plaque, gum disease, and cavities, so make sure to stay hydrated when smoking or vaping.

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