A courier from Ganja Goddess Delivers drops a package in San Francisco. (David Downs/Leafly)
A courier from Ganja Goddess Delivers drops a package in San Francisco in 2020. (David Downs/Leafly File Photo)

Cannabis delivery is a way of dispensing cannabis that doesn’t require the purchaser to physically go to a dispensary. This method is often preferred by people who have difficulty getting around outside their home. Even within the legal market, not all states allow cannabis delivery.

“I don’t have a car so I prefer to get my cannabis by delivery rather than going to the dispensary on the bus.” 

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What is cannabis delivery?

The traditional model of cannabis sales in the legal market has customers go to a dispensary to buy products, whereas with delivery, a customer will make a purchase online and a courier will deliver products direct to your home. 

Even in the legal cannabis market, delivery is slow to take hold and not all legal states offer it. 

Delivery is a great option for medical patients or customers who are not able to go to a store for health reasons. A white paper released by delivery technology company OnFleet found that “More than 10% of people who use delivery are over 60 (compared to just 5% of seniors who picked up their cannabis in stores).” 

Delivery also offers significant economic benefits to cannabis businesses as customers are more inclined make bigger orders online than in person at a dispensary.

While delivery is fairly new to the legal, regulated cannabis industry, anyone familiar with the illicit market has likely had cannabis delivered to them. In the days of the unregulated market, delivery was a safety mechanism for dealers, who wouldn’t want a conspicuous constant flow of people in and out of their home. 

In today’s regulated market, customers want the convenience of having cannabis delivered just like pizza, groceries, and Amazon products.