A covering used to house cannabis clones or seedlings, to create a warm, humid environment optimal for growth.

“I always crack the dome slightly so my clones don’t get too humid.”

What is a marijuana humidity dome?

Humidity domes are often used when cloning cannabis, but can also be used for seeds. Fresh-cut clones are delicate and sensitive to sudden or big changes in temperature. A humidity dome covers clones, providing a warm, humid, and stable environment to allow clones to root out and thrive. 

The most basic cloning setup involves a tray, tray-insert, and dome: Clones are placed in root cubes with a rooting hormone, which are then placed in a tray-insert, which is all placed in a tray with water; a humidity dome is then placed on top of the tray. 

Humidity domes can also be used with cloners, machines that encourage root development in clones through aeroponics. 

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