Directional airflow

When dabbing, directional airflow allows the dabber to move oil out of the corners of a banger to the center for optimal heating. This is usually done through a directional airflow carb cap, which can be twisted to direct air, and often resembles a spinning top. 

“I get way more out of my dabs with a directional airflow cap.”

“You’re wasting terps if you aren’t using a cap with directional airflow.”

What is directional airflow?

Carb caps are used to cover a banger when dabbing, allowing the dabber to regulate airflow and therefore the size and quality of a dab. Some carb caps have directional airflow capabilities—with an angled bottom, they can be twisted to direct air inside a banger. They are also hollowed out to allow air through, which can be blocked on top with a finger, acting as a carb. 

These can be easily adjusted while taking a dab to ensure all concentrate is vaporized, and done so evenly, so the dabber gets the most out of a dab.

Benefits of directional airflow

When airflow can’t be controlled in dabbing, the consumer will most likely waste part of the concentrate. Directional airflow further allows a dabber to optimize their dabbing experience and use all concentrate in a banger. Char or excess concentrate in a banger after a dab needs to be cleaned out and sometimes the banger reheated, making the dabbing experience more complicated and time-consuming. Frequent cleanings and heatings can also shorten the life of a banger.