A person or company in the cannabis industry who distributes products from growers and/or extractors to dispensaries. One typically needs a specific license to be a distributor, and some states require distributors to coordinate lab testing of products.

“Back in the day, your dealer’s hook up was what we now call a distributor, the middleman between a grower and a consumer.” 

What is a cannabis distributor?

Cannabis legalization and licensing looks different in every US state, but generally, the distributor license type allows the holder to distribute cannabis products from growers and extractors to dispensaries.

Distributors typically do not grow cannabis or sell it directly to consumers; they are middlemen, handling business-to-business transactions and not business-to-consumer sales. Some states, like California, require distributors to arrange for lab testing of the cannabis products they distribute, and other states, like Oregon, require the grower to test products before distribution.