A quantity of cannabis inhaled, ingested, or administered in order to achieve desired effects. Cannabis is most easily dosed in edibles, as they can be easily measured and mixed; they are measured in milligrams (mg), usually of cannabinoids such as THC or CBD. It is much more difficult to dose other cannabis products, such as joints, bowls, dabs, etc., because it is hard to quantify one hit. 

“I usually take a 10mg dose of 1:1 THC:CBD gummies to help me unwind at the end of the night.”

What is an average weed dose?

There’s an argument to be made that the best quantity for one dose of cannabis should be 5mg. However, everyone’s body is different, and the same dose can affect two people very differently. Experience and tolerance can also play into dosing—cannabis consumers with a higher tolerance usually need a bigger dose to feel the same effects as a less-experienced consumer.

Getting the correct dose is important because of the multiphasic dose-response relationship of THC—most substances have increased effects with an increased dose (monophasic), but with THC, at a certain point, effects will be less as the dose increases; there is a sweet spot of getting the correct dose to get the desired effects, and it is different for everyone.