Disc perc

A horizontal, circular, disc-shaped percolator with slits or holes all over it that’s usually welded into the body of a bong or dab rig. Disc percs with many tiny holes are often called honeycomb percs. 

“My new bong with a disc perc hits so smooth.”

What is a disc perc?

Out of the various styles of percolators, the disc perc is one of the simplest designs. It’s a horizontal, circular, disc-shaped percolator covered in holes or slits that’s welded into the body of a bong or dab rig. If a disc perc has a large amount of small holes, it is often called a honeycomb perc; however, honeycomb percs are hole-covered discs contained inside the body of a piece rather than welded into the body. A similar style of percolator is a fritted disc, which has numerous tiny glass fragments bonded together with countless tiny holes throughout, producing a very high level of diffusion. 

Disc percs are usually simpler in design than other percolators and are often cheaper and easier to clean, while still producing quality diffusion. A disc perc can be combined with other percolators to increase diffusion, but that can lead to less THC in hits.