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Meet the six best pre-ground cannabis products in Canada

We don’t have flying cars (yet), but living in 2022 has its perks: Grocery shopping can be done with a few taps on the phone and delivered right to your doorstep, plus you can buy a variety of weed already pre-busted to perfection—and legally!

Delivery is great, but milled cannabis flower might be better. The pre-ground product is having a moment for a number of reasons, particularly its convenience and low price.

There’s no buster needed or grinding to be done. You just open the pouch of milled weed, sprinkle that good green onto your rolling papers, one-hitter, or baking project, and enjoy. 

If you’re dabbling in pre-ground perfection, consider these curated Editors’ Picks for six of the best types of milled cannabis available in Canada right now (at least in our opinion).

Milled Tropic Thunder 

large pile of light green ground weec

Brand: Shred

Licensed producer: Organigram

Dose: THC, 19.5-27.5%, CBC, 0-1%

Shred only sold milled cannabis when it first launched. Today, they also do pre-rolls and gummies, but they’ve established themselves as an OG in the milled space and have thus earned bragging rights. 

Shred offers four different strains of milled weed, including Flower Power, Funk Master, Gnarberry and Tropic Thunder, though it’s the latter that stands out. Tropic Thunder is a much-loved strain for its sweet flavours of pineapple and mango, and nearly one-third of Leafly reviewers note that it helps alleviate anxiety.

Shred grows its milled Tropic Thunder indoors at its New Brunswick facility and packages it in an air-tight bag along with a humidity pack, so the pre-ground product stays super fresh.

Milled Big League Sour Kush

a big pile of dark green ground bud against a white backdrop

Brand: Back Forty

Licensed producer: Kolab Project

Dose: THC, 17-23%, CBD, 0-1%

Indica-dominant smokers, this one is for you. B40 has milled its version of Sour Kush, a hybrid blend of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, so you can enjoy the strain’s uplighting and cerebral effects oh so easily.

Sour Kush, including B40’s milled Big League Sour Kush, is notably pungent with that recognizable scent of diesel and citrus. These guys use high-quality flower and promise that you won’t find sticks, trim, or any other low-grade parts, in their milled product. 

Milled Chocolate Mint OG Grind

a pile of ground light green bud against a white background

Brand: Steel City Green

Licensed producer: AB Laboratories

Dose: THC, 18-24%, CBD, 0-2% 

Steel City Green’s Chocolate Mint OG is a favourite around here. (Note from the editor: it is in my stash right now). If you’ve never smoked it, this cross between Emerald OG and Grandaddy Purple is a strong indica-dominant hybrid.

Steel City Green’s Chocolate Mint OG is a smooth and tasty toke with sweet notes on the exhale. It has a robust terpene profile—myrcene, pinene, and guaiol—don’t be surprised if you find yourself going back for more. 

The milled version is just as delicious as the brand’s conventional flower option of the same strain. Steel City Green packages its milled weed with a nitrogen infusion and a humidity pack to mitigate the risk of sad, dried-out product.

Milled CBD Dream

large green package with brand name, and a small pile of dark green ground flower in front

Brand: Pure Sunfarms 

Licensed producer: Pure Sunfarms

Dose: THC, 6-12%, CBD, 2-8%

CBD pre-ground flower isn’t as common as the THC varieties luckily Pure SunFarms has a handful of different strains and strengths (depending on where you live). Like all legal weed products, the offerings can vary greatly by province.

B.C.’s Pure Sunfarms offers a low THC hybrid crafted from ​a blend of Blue Dream and Pure Sun CBD. The result: CBD Dream, a CBD-forward high that won’t knock you on your feet, but will still leave you with those *ahhh* relaxed feels. Pure Sunfarms sells the milled flower coarsely ground, and you’ll notice earthy, herbal flavours with hints of citrus and floral when you smoke or vape it.

Blendcraft Milled Flower

a big pile of green bud against a white background

Brand: Blendcraft

Licensed producer: We Grow B.C.

Dose: THC, 23-29%, CBD, 2-8%

Blendcraft—a sub-brand of Qwest—does a milled flower option that’s sold at various retailers across the country, including government dispensaries like the OCS in Ontario as well as private shops like Choom in British Columbia.

This product is another high THC option and a choice pick for people who are chasing that heavy body feel or have a high tolerance and like something that hits hard. 

What specific strains are in it? That’s unclear. Blendcraft calls the blend a marriage of “our top cultivars, crafted from the densest buds and occasionally brought back from our retired vault of genetic greats”. This potent mixture of milled nugs, with terps including caryophyllene, limonene and bisabolol, is tasty, albeit mysterious.

Sativa Cropped Harvest Milled

beige package of flower next to a pile of ground green weed

Brand: Divvy

Licensed producer: Aleafia Health

Dose: THC, 15-21%, CBD, 0-1%

Prefer your milled flower more uplifting and sativa dominant? Divvy does a sativa milled cannabis that’s lighter on the THC than others on this list. This brand launched just last year and has been on a mission to fill the void when it comes to budget-friendly weed in Canada.

Divvy first rolled out its product offering with traditional flower and pre-rolls but has since expanded its product portfolio, adding milled flower options. 

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