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A Canadian cannabis product for every phase of your relationship

Published on February 5, 2020 · Last updated November 17, 2020
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Relationships: part dizzying high, part devastating low, and, ideally, a long stretch of companionable middle. Whether you’re calming the butterflies of a first crush or setting the mood for that milestone anniversary, there’s a cannabis product that pairs with it.

Leafly spoke with product experts at Ottawa cannabis retailer Superette—Tricia Lackey, director of brand experience, and Dylan Rogers, business development and operations manager – about what cannabis they would recommend, no matter what your relationship status.

For meeting and flirting

Like a burst of fireworks, strains of a string quartet, or a whiff of pizza, meeting a new crush seizes your attention on a primal level. Maximize your euphoria while keeping one foot on the ground with a light strain that boasts medium THC and CBD. Lackey suggests San Rafael ’71’s Tangerine Dream. “You’re still yourself but you’re just a bit of an augmented version of yourself,” she says.

For the first date

The perfect date has three phases: a casual activity, a get-to-know-you conversation, and a quiet intimate place to set the romantic stage. So after indoor mini-golf and a poutine with two forks, if you are sensing an experienced cannabis kindred spirit, offer a pre-roll of a strain that’s rich in livelier terpenes, such as the citrus-y Orange CKS by Gage Cannabis Co., as you stroll off together on a picturesque walk. “Something that uplifts you but keeps you focused on the person,” Lackey suggests.

For sexual exploration

Whether it’s for those long early-relationship makeout sessions or the inspo for rediscovering some of your partner’s secret spots, topicals can accentuate a night of that sexy sex stuff. “You are actually getting the effects of what you are putting on in very localized places,” laughs Lackey. Foria’s cannabis oil is intended for just the kind of “intimate application” that can trigger a “we’re-staying-in-all-night” kind of high.

For getting cozy

So you’ve reached that truly glorious stage of a relationship where you’re comfortable together but still fascinated by each other’s every move. This calls for a six-week residency on the couch! Your mom called? She’ll leave a message. Your friends’ housewarming? They’ll move again. You need to do laundry so you can leave the house to buy food? That’s why you can get food on bikes now. While lost in the cuddle dimension, you can afford to go hard on a seriously chill strain, such as Pure Sunfarms’ White Rhino. Lackey appreciates the strain’s terpene profile.

“Those calming, comfortable types of aromas, like limonene or myrcene, keep you in that musky, earthy, sexual feeling,” she says. “But it’s more of a coziness rather than that spiciness.” Its high THC potency can lead to a relaxing, happy high best enjoyed with a cherished soulmate who also can’t stop laughing at how weird and hilarious every commercial is.

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For post-breakup moping

Breakups aren’t all bad. They’re an opportunity to reinvent yourself, meet new people, and self-soothe with premium ice-cream. Before tackling your next chapter (or level of Candy Crush), treat yourself to some mellow, high-THC oil. Rogers recommends hibernating with some Pink Kush to coat a not-great scenario with a peaceful sheen. “Something that’s heavy and [high in] THC,” he suggests.

For celebrating your wedding

Whether you’re throwing a pre-nuptial party with pals or high-fiving your bridesmaids and groomsmen on pulling it all off after the last bouquet has been tossed, a balanced flower that won’t derail your day is the type of strain a newlywed can say “I do” to. “You don’t want something that’s going to make you tired necessarily,” Rogers says. “Mango Haze is something that you can use and still get shit done. You get your CBD fix.” With THC content between 4 and 11%, this strain is entertaining for users with different cannabis experience levels, a great option for a group. “Maybe there aren’t as many people who smoke as often,” Rogers says. “They just want something that hits lightly.”

For new parents carving out some personal time

For those in the throes of early parenthood, there is a short but sweet window for prime cannabis consumption, and it’s called “that hour after you’ve put your baby to bed.” While your eyes are still open, relax with something high in CBD, such as a Penelope softgel. It’s what Lackey recommends for her sister, a mother of two. “It’s a little bit more THC but still a little CBD to just chill her out at the end of the day after two kids have been running around until 8 p.m.,” she says.

For shaking up that monotonous routine

The one downside to finding the love of your life—it doesn’t get any longer than “life.” Rogers suggests a motivating strain that’s light in THC to blow some of the dust off of that long, long, longggg-term relationship, such as Solei’s Balance. “Something that is going to get you out of the apartment,” he says. “I need to get out and remember that I need to do things for her every once in awhile.”

For when the kids are out of the house

Attention grown adults who missed tinkering with the illicit cannabis market: welcome to legalization. For empty nesters looking to gingerly dip a toe into the world of cannabis, Lackey says the Redecan Gems 5:0 capsules are an easy, low-THC product that shouldn’t be too overwhelming of an introduction for those grownup lovebirds ready to see what all the fuss is about.

Growing old together

This is not your grandma’s cannabis, but maybe it should be. For those couples enjoying their golden years together, you might think there are no surprises left, but Aurora begs to differ. Rogers suggests Aurora’s Chillers, mints with 2 mg of THC each, for a tingle of a high that comes in peppermint or spearmint flavours.

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