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New Strains Alert: Truffle Butter, Flo OG, Cookie Breath, and More

Published on April 21, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020
New Strains Alert: Truffle Butter, Flo OG. Cookie Breath, and More

Another 4/20 has come and gone like a plume of smoke hustled off by the winds of spring, but I’m still here to dish up week’s New Strains Alert. Our collection of cannabis cuts begins with a heroic Cookies cross called Jack Burton, named for the protagonist of Big Trouble in Little China, played by the one and only Kurt Russell.

But the Cookies don’t end there! Shaman Stinky Steve hit us with his purple Cookie Breath phenotype, toting wine and pine terpenes with a touch of the pungent and unmistakable Cookies stank. For OG connoisseurs looking to add some sweetness to their weekend, find Flo OG, a noble homage to DJ Short’s Flo, as well as Chocolate OG, a True OG x Chocolate Rain cross even Tay Zonday could approve of.

If you’ve had the good fortune to find and try any of these strains, drop a review and share your experience with the community. Like cannabis and fire, we are better off together.

Leafly Cookie Breath hybrid cannabis strain
Cookie Breath

Shaman Stinky Steve is at it again! Stinky Steve bred together Thin Mint GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies), Forum Cut GSC, and OG Kush Breath 2.0 to create this unique purple phenotype. Cookie Breath emits the earthy, doughy aroma Cookies is known for, intermixed with notes of grape and wine. The dark nugs are coated with glittering purple trichomes said to produce purple-tinted rosin and hash. It hits with a one-two punch to the mind and body, leaving a stimulating sizzle between the ears while the body ebbs between fits of the munchies and sedative bliss. Enjoy Cookie Breath in moderation as this strain has been known to push 30% THC.

Leafly Flo OG indica cannabis strain
Flo OG

Flo OG is a sweet indica-dominant strain with creative effects. Known as a functional indica, Flo OG combines the quality genetics of Flo (by DJ Short) and Rare Dankness #1 (from Rare Dankness Seeds) to create a strain that stimulates the mind while going easy on the body. This strain’s hazy euphoria takes effect immediately as the body buzzes with a gentle relaxing warmth. Enjoy Flo OG to improve mood, curb depression, and promote rest (in higher doses).

Leafly Chocolate OG indica cannabis strain
Chocolate OG

Chocolate OG by is another chocolatey genetic cross from THClones. This strain was created through the union of pungent parent strains True OG and Chocolate Rain. Its indica-dominant genetics offer relaxing qualities that get heavier with continued consumption. Giggly euphoria and bright citrus/grapefruit aromas speak to traditional OG attributes inherited from True OG. The taste takes on a cheesy, nutty flavor upon combustion, leaving a savory note on the palate.

Leafly Tonics Web indica cannabis strain
Tonics Web

Tonics Web is a seed-only strain from THClones. This flower was bred by blending the ever-popular and CBD-richCharlotte’s Web with Chocolate Tonic. Together they create a sweet and savory bouquet of coffee, pine, and citrus, delivering tingly physical effects that lead to couch lock. The mental state is creative, but stunted by the strain’s heavy relaxation. As with most indicas, Tonics Web is best utilized at night to harness the powerful sedation native to this strain.

Leafly Truffle Butter indica cannabis strain
Truffle Butter

Truffle Butter by THClones is a sedating genetic cross with sweet terpenes. Created by crossing Gelato and Chocolate Kush, this strain’s aroma is a mixture of fruit, caramel, and floral notes. Truffle Butter gently sedates the body, turning even seasoned consumers into lethargic couch potatoes. This strain’s relaxing qualities make it ideal for abating stress and insomnia.

Leafly Jack Burton indica cannabis strain
Jack Burton

Jack Burton by THClones is a sensuous indica-dominant strain born from two distinct Cookie crosses. Created by combining Fortune Cookies and Thai Cookies, Jack Burton draws out each strain’s sweet, pungent aromas while offering consumers long-lasting physical effects that titillate the senses. The terpene profile is buttery and floral while the strain’s subtle euphoria tempers focus and uplifts the mind. Enjoy at the end of the day to indulge in Jack Burton’s physical benefits with your partner or significant other.

Leafly Black Cherry Pie hybrid cannabis strain
Black Cherry Pie

Black Cherry Pie is a fruity strain with colorful foliage. Created by Green Mountain Collective, this strain is the genetic offspring of Blackberry Kush and Cherry Pie. These genetics are exhibited in the deep purple hues overlaid by jade green buds with orange hairs, as well as in the pungent woody aroma smeared with tart blackberry. Black Cherry Pie’s physical effects soothe nausea and minor aches and pains while keeping the mind aloof and creative. Its bright mind and semi-sedative effects make it a natural complement for indoor activities and relaxed evenings.

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