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5 Cannabis Strains for People Who Love Diesel Terpenes

Published on June 27, 2019 · Last updated September 7, 2022

Have you ever smoked a cannabis strain that immediately hit your taste buds with a burst of diesel flavor so gassy that your body was sent into a joyous fit of coughs as you wondered “What is this heavenly treat that has been bestowed upon me?!”

If you answered no, then I’ve got great news: There are plenty of strains that provide that terp-tastic experience. Explore five of these gassy strains below, and consider their terpene and cannabinoid profiles when choosing the right one for you.

OG #18

Primary terpenes:Myrcene, limonene
Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant (21-24% on average)

If you love OG Kush phenotypes like Tahoe OG and SFV OG, then you’re in luck: OG #18 and its pungent scream-through-the-bag diesel aroma exists for your face, mouth, and lungs.

Led by the terpenes myrcene and limonene, OG #18 is a great strain for consumers seeking a relaxed high, provided by pronounced THC levels.

OG #18’s chemical makeup resembles many other Kush varietals, so if you’re a fan of strains like Kimbo Kush and Kosher Kush, OG #18 should be the reason for your next ATM withdrawal.

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Oregon Diesel

Primary terpenes:Caryophyllene, limonene
Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant (15-17% on average)

A spin of a classic diesel strain, Oregon Diesel crosses the gassy NYC Diesel with the berry-forward Blackberry.

Heavily influenced by both parents, Oregon Diesel has a mouthwatering berry aroma with a gassy kickback on the exhale that’ll have you sending thank you letters to Oregrown, the breeders who popularized the strain.

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This strain’s effects can vary based on your dose and tolerance, but most consumers say Oregon Diesel is a nighttime strain perfect for calming stress and pain.

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White Tahoe Cookies

Primary terpenes:Caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene
Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant (20-23% on average)

White Tahoe Cookies blends The White, Tahoe OG, and an unknown GSC cut. Its complex genetics produce an equally complex terpene profile that is commonly caryophyllene-dominant, with large amounts of myrcene and limonene following.

White Tahoe Cookies can produce a variety of different experiences based on how you consume it. For example, when I smoke the flower, I taste a sweet herbal flavor. However, when consumed as hash, White Tahoe Cookies delivers a more pronounced gassy flavor.

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Death Star

Primary terpenes:Myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene
Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant (15-22% on average)

Death Star, a cross of the powerful Sensi Star and Sour Diesel, is a beautifully purple flower with the thiiiickest coat of trichomes, making it perfect for hash. And from those icy purple buds comes a flavor so pungent and gassy, that you’re sure to say, “Oh, yeah, that’s that gas right there.”

Effects vary, but most people view Death Star as an all-gas-no-brakes type of strain that’ll hit your entire body with heavy relaxation, often leading directly to a lil’ siesta. Personally speaking, I put the blunt down after two hits of Death Star—so if you’re looking for a powerful experience, test this strain.

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Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant (16-22% on average)

Though we know very little about Chemdog’s terpene profile (due to the fact that we honestly can’t be sure who has an authentic cut of it), you can’t possibly talk about gassy strains without paying homage to the godfather of them all.

The source of powerhouse strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush, which are featured in the genetics of every strain we’ve discussed thus far, Chemdog is known for its very distinct fuel-like aroma that screams through any bag or jar that holds it.

Chemdog, or any of its many descendants like Chemdog 91 and OG Chem, will be your greatest introduction to gassy strains as they are the absolute staples when it comes to selecting diesel-like, chemical-forward cannabis strains.

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