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7 cannabis strains with balanced mind and body effects

October 17, 2019
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Some seek out cannabis for its mental effects, others for the physical feelings it provides. Then there are those of us whose perfect strain encompasses the best of both worlds.

A perfectly balanced mind-body strain may reduce stress levels and improve mood while at the same time releasing tension or quelling soreness. The following seven strains marry mental and physical benefits to produce well-rounded highs. Find any or all of them next time you swing by your nearest dispensary.


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Alien OG

Alien OG cannabis strain

High in cannabinoid levels, with myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene mixed in, Alien OG couples a trippy mental experience with heavy-hitting relaxation. It gets both sides of the equation from its parent strains: the lazy, couch-locking Tahoe OG and the spacey, psychedelic Alien Kush.

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Double Dream

Double Dream cannabis strain

Though Double Dream’s physical and mental effects are both clearly defined, neither is overwhelming. On the mind side of things, expect dreamy euphoric vibes; in the body, you’ll experience a melty physical relaxation. To top it off, this delicious strain smells of spice and flowers and tastes like a bowl of fresh berries on the exhale.

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Cherry AK-47

Cherry AK-47 cannabis strainA rare cherry-tasting phenotype of the widely-known AK-47, Cherry AK-47 comes in two phases: Early on, you’ll enjoy a buzzy cerebral rush; as the head high levels out, a pleasantly soothing physical sensation will take hold. It’s a perfect strain for those who enjoy mind and body effects to a similar degree but don’t necessarily want them all at once.

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Chemdog cannabis strainThe genetic background of Chemdog is murky and mysterious, but there’s no doubt this strain is nothing to mess with. Through each fresh lungful of diesel-laden smoke, it’ll press the body down like a weighted blanket while simultaneously spurring the mind on to new heights.

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Headband cannabis strain 

Headband goes straight to the dome, both physically and mentally. Its physical effects are concentrated around the crown of the head, as suggested by the strain name. Inside the mind, stress is washed away while creativity is kickstarted. You can thank Headband’s superstar parent strains for its balanced high: It inherits that mental exhilaration from Sour Diesel and the physical relaxation from OG Kush.

Find Headband nearby

Scooby Snacks

Scooby Snacks cannabis strain

Scooby Snacks brings together the best of Platinum GSC and Face Off OG. The result is a beguiling West Coast blend of pleasurable mental effects and a slow onset of physical sedation. We suggest keeping this sweet, piney strain by your bedside to help you fall asleep slowly and smoothly.

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Golden Lemon 

Golden Lemon cannabis strain

It’s strange to feel deep muscular relaxation while your mind is racing, but Golden Lemon bridges the gap between these disparate mental and physical impacts. The result is an intriguing balance of euphoria and sedation with a flavor profile like lemon candy.

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