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Fly the funkiest sky on First Class Funk—September’s Leafly HighLight strain

Published on September 6, 2023 · Last updated September 7, 2023
Glentucky Family Farm - First Class Funk (David Downs/Leafly)
Each month, Leafly highlights a trending varietal you should know about—we call it Leafly HighLight. This month First Class Funk hits new heights. (Leafly File Photo)

Get ready for a high-class flight without ever having to wade through security.

High-tolerance lovers of funky flavor and rocketing effects have powered the award-winning weed strain First Class Funk into the top 250 most popular in Leafly’s 6,000-strain database. This September, First Class Funk boogies on over 1,700 dispensary menus nationwide, up 70% year over year. 

So cue the bass solo—First Class Funk is our Leafly HighLight flower for September 2023.

First Class Funk. Hybrid. (Courtesy Node Labs)
First Class Funk. Hybrid. (Courtesy Node Labs)

This is not some candy weed for novices. First Class Funk lives up to its name with premium, pungent, diesel, and pepper smells and taste. The bite of chem, the body of cookies, the gas of jet fuel, and the creamy grape of Gelato all stamp out a funky beat on your tongue. 

One Leafly reviewer writes, “Has that real, earthy dank taste, with hints of sweet, and gas, very smooth on the lungs.”

With a winning pedigree in GMO Cookies and Jet Fuel Gelato, First Class Funk grows huge as flowers and dumps hash for the extract heads. “This is hands down the best GMO cross,” says one Leafly reviewer.

Whether it’s as flower, pre-rolls, bubble hash, live resin, live rosin, dabs, or carts—First Class Funk leaves reviewers euphoric, uplifted, and talkative. First Class Funk sports an average review of 4.7 out of 5, after 36 reviews. We added the cultivar to the database in 2022.

The reviews attest to its high-THC effects on both the recreational and medicinal side.


Leafly reviewer

Another review states: “My migraine went away. My depression and anxiety decreased dramatically and I felt at ease and not over-analyzing everything.”

Of course, THC can either calm or induce anxiety, depending on the mix of cannabinoids, terps, and the dose; start small. Or don’t. One Leafly reviewer writes: “I just like how it makes me anxious while helping with my anxiety.”

Best First Class Funks to smoke in the US

Make your funk a First Class Funk.

Pretty badass brands mess with the Funk—and will testify to the strain’s power. Here are some of the First-est, Classiest, and Funkiest on sale in US dispensaries right now.


Rosin Tech Labs + LUMA live rosin cold cure [Buy]

Humboldt Terp Council cartridge [Buy]

West Coast Cure live resin cold cure badder [Buy]


Chronicseur Farms flower [Buy]

Tropics live hash rosin disposable [Buy]


Constellation rosin pod [Buy]


Veritas flower [Buy]


Beezle First Class Funk OG live resin [Buy]

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First Class Funk seeds

First Class Funk. (Courtesy of Node Labs)
First Class Funk. (Courtesy of Node Labs)

If you got a pack of original, unopened First Class Funk seeds—congrats. We’ve seen packs fetch up to $1,000 on sale or at auction. 

FCF grows big, heavy, and stanky. It comes from the Chris Lynch era of Compound Genetics. Lynch now breeds as Cipher Genetics, currently working on Z crosses. Compound Genetics affiliate Node Labs can probably make FCF clones from its tissue culture library. FCF is so new there’s not a lot of hybrids of it. You have to go to crosses of the parents, GMO, or Jet Fuel Gelato, or the breeder for more variety. Notably, the parent Jet Fuel Gelato appears in award-winning La Bomba, and the hype new Gummiez.

First Class Funk awards

First Class Funk stands in the winners’ circle of pot contests, and so have its parents. First Class Funk or its parents have taken first, second, or third in flower or extract contests every year for at least the last three years.

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It’s a Leafly Strain of the Year runner-up for 2022, a strain to watch for 2023, and we featured it for July 4

First Class Funk terpenes

First Class Funk grown by LOWD in Oregon. (Photo by Resinated Lens, Courtesy LOWD)
First Class Funk grown by LOWD in Oregon. (Photo by Resinated Lens, Courtesy LOWD)

The main smell molecules of First Class Funk are all pungent and sharp. Limonene bites. Caryophyllene wafts in fuel. Pinene is forest therapy. These terps stand in contrast to a floral linalool strain like Blue Dream, or a sweet terpinolene varietal like Durban. The terps match user reports that this is a slightly energizing strain.

Other highlights this September

No First Class Funk flights out of your town? Here are some even more popular, related routes that’ll get you to funkytown.

GMO Cookies

gmo cookies weed strain
GMO Cookies. Indica hybrid. (Courtesy Cream of the Crop Gardens)

When it’s time to eat mo’ cookies, smoke GMO Cookies. First Class Funk’s stanky parent stays very popular with its cross of GSC and Chemdog, and its heavy, high-THC effect. GMO sits in the top 50 most popular strains in the US, so don’t miss this heavy hitter.


Headband from UpNorth. Sativa hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)
Headband from UpNorth. Sativa hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Wake and bake during a camping trip with this pungent diesel and lemon strain, pair it with a cup of coffee, and then roll a joint for later when you’re on the trail. Headband comes from Sour Diesel and OG Kush, and is a relative of First Class Funk through the OG and the Chem.

Grease Monkey

Seven Leaves-grown Grease Monkey. (David Downs/Leafly)
Seven Leaves-grown Grease Monkey. (David Downs/Leafly)

Find more diesel, pungent, skunk weed in a strain about twice as popular in stores as First Class Funk—Grease Monkey. It hits super-sleepy when it’s time to zap those anxieties and konk out. Exotic Genetix selected Grease Monkey from a crop of GG4 x Cookies and Cream. Both First Class funk and Grease Monkey share Chem and Cookie parentage.

And thus ends our in-flight service for Leafly HighLight this September. Let us know how your trip goes in the comments below. 

So hey, what’s ‘Leafly HighLight’?

Cannabis dispensaries can sell more than 200 types of flower. It’s overwhelming. Leafly HighLight cures choice paralysis with a monthly deep dive into a popular, national cannabis strain you should know. We combine:

  • Leafly Strain Database search data,
  • dispensary menu data,
  • dispensary visits,
  • and smoke sessions

to select one cultivar that pairs with the season and mood.
That’s Leafly HighLight.

Read past Leafly HighLight columns.

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David Downs
David Downs
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