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Star Signs + Strains: June 2019 Horoscopes

As we spring into summer, get ready to implement significant changes you’ve been working on.

June 3rd’s new moon in Gemini signifies new beginnings and provides the energy to set them in motion.

The theme for June is: Proceed, but carefully. But do proceed.

Keep in mind, exploring new sides of yourself means swimming in uncharted waters. Planning and acting with a bit more calculation will be helpful as the duality of Gemini season impacts your internal GPS.

Mid-month sees a ton of miscommunication, professional power plays, and struggles with authority. The full moon in Sagittarius signals that it’s time to focus on the bigger picture. By month’s end, you’ll find yourself in the headspace to convey your thoughts with empowered intention.


Happy Birthday, Twinsie! Relax knowing that the challenges faced by other signs this month will not plague you. After all, dual nature is your natural state.

Duality also makes you powerfully fluid this month. You’ll effortlessly move multiple projects with minimal effort.

Making matters more interesting, you’ll reach peak charming mode mid-month. Your charisma is a beam of intensity. Single Geminis should take care that it’s not all flirtin’ and no follow-up. Unless you really mean it, don’t drop that love bomb.

Partnered Geminis, remember to keep your significant other in the mix, as tending to the emotional needs of others isn’t at the planetary forefront but is ever-so-important.

June Strain: Your birthday strain is meant to enhance your bountiful cosmic gifts. With decadent notes of rose and ruby red grapefruit, Green Goddess pleases all your senses with outstanding physical effects, including tingly euphoria and blissful relaxation—all while keeping you focused enough to appreciate the experience.

This is the strain for manifesting your best destiny.

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Ghosts of old loves and past selves might reemerge to challenge the shiny new shell you’ve chosen. Defend your territory. You’ve worked hard for it.

The beginning of the month sees you come into new resources—either financial or in the form of a connection—that you need to continue forward. Late June brings a piece of advice that will strike you. Take it and run.

June Strain: Staying on task and maintaining your energy requires Crabs to try a hybrid like Snowcap. Lemony leaning citrus and candy notes make for a pleasant smoke.

Add to that focused, euphoric energy (accompanied with giggly optimism), as well as stamina to keep your mindset positive.

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The need to learn and create will prove dominant this month as big kitties find a new intellectual pursuit. Spend the first part of June studying and the later part practicing.

Your challenge is to not get bogged down in the imperfections that come with trying. Freedom to fail can end with perfection. Be mindful relationships don’t take a back burner to your new passion.

June Strain: When the universe sends you the signal to grow, it can be a challenge not letting anxiety and inner demons get you down.

Hybrid Flo with its combo of pine and wood provide an immediate sense of calm and the physically unique combo of uplifted relaxation and clarity needed to take on new tasks.

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New friends and social settings bring out the best in Virgos this summer.

If you’ve found yourself struggling to leave your perfectly overpacked baggage behind, now is the time to go unencumbered into spontaneous adventures. See if you feel any lighter without the giant bag of “just in case” you’ve always carried with you.

June Strain: Shine with confidence and a positive attitude. A sweet, berry-forward strain like Bubbleberry has a pleasurable inhale and will lead to a giggly, relaxed happiness, not to mention a creative euphoria that encourages socialization and thinking outside the box.

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Momentum propels you. All the work you’ve put in sees you moving with ease through a busy and productive June.

It might go against your nature to skip a new uphill climb—instead, let your momentum do its thing. Appreciate how you got here as things fall into place.

June Strain: This month requires you to be focused and cool. OG Kush is a spectacular hybrid capable of chilling you out, keeping you present, and lifting you up. It will help you make clear, rational decisions in a delectable form, and you’ll appreciate its earthy flavors.

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Relationships and communications are a little off-kilter for Scorps this month. Your challenge will be to think before you sting.

Approach June like a sitcom: The problems you face at the beginning of the month will resolve in a quick 30. It will be days vs. minutes, but it’s temporary. Think about the long game when it comes to love.

June Strain: Sativa and self-trust are key for Scorps this month. You’ll need to push yourself to achieve the right level of emotional bravery and the ability to laugh off the small stuff.

Chocolate Fondue promotes energized euphoria and a talkative, positive state of mind. It gets its boost from parent Chocolope and its buzz from Exodus Cheese, making for an even, all-day strain.

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Sag babes are at their best when busy this month. Being outdoorsy is your jam, and it’s also where your free time is best spent. The best things in life are free-ish, after all.

You’ll see a few hiccups in your finances this month, but they’ll smooth out quickly. Don’t hit the panic button when problems arise.

June Strain: Not surprisingly, a strain with notes of coffee, sweetness, and citrus puts a little pep in your step. Phantom Cookies tastes great and motivates you both mentally and physically, perfect for bolstering a blast of productivity. It also makes for a giggly, light high, just right for socializing.

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Re-assessing a long-held belief is at the forefront of Capricorn’s agenda in June. Daydreaming is more fun, but accept the challenge of letting an old idea die and merge your dream with reality.

June Strain: Keeping calm while staying active will be a great benefit to your sign this month. Blue Haze is a balanced hybrid that promotes relaxation, creativity, and euphoria.

Take care that you portion this potent strain accordingly. It can also bring on the munchies, so stock up on some sweet treats.

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Enjoy the spotlight, water babe! The new moon at the beginning of the month sees you shining, with your magnetism on point. Wield this power wisely.

The time is right for negotiating personal and professional relationships. Asking for what you need while you’re this irresistible is a sure-fire ticket to getting what you want.

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June Strain: A peppy hybrid like Hawaiian Haze will put you in the center of this month’s excitement—right where you want to be.

It rocks a tropical tang and heavy floral aroma that will leave you feeling happy, uplifted, and like the life of the party.

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Your community is there for you this month, so relish the support. Don’t hesitate to ask for what you need—you’re putting good things in motion.

Accept the compliments that come your way. Find a unique way to say “thank you” as creativity comes easily right now.

June Strain: Opening up fearlessly will be essential to having a productive summer. The chatty happiness associated with Lime Skunk, a hybrid of Green Ribbon and Lemon Skunk, is perfect for intimate social gatherings and deep one-on-one conversations. Well-developed terps are a trademark of this dank strain, so take time and enjoy this smoke.

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Entrepreneurial energy abounds for Aries in June. It could mean taking that first step to self-employment or maybe turning a hobby into hard cash.

Summer is just beginning, but it’s already hot as your love life shifts into a new phase of intensity. Remember to get a little R&R—stamina is essential to enjoying this month’s bounty.

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June Strain: Stay focused and productive this month for success, and make sure not to overdo it. Balance is required to preserve the energy you’ll need.

Cannatonic, a tasty hybrid of MK Ultra and G13 Haze provides focus and relaxation without sleepiness due to its high CBD content.

Find Cannatonic Nearby


You Bulls have been so successful at cutting all the dead weight recently, your new sense of feeling unencumbered may make you a bit uneasy.

It’s hard work to let go of habits and people who drag you down, and the cosmically clean air can be overwhelming. Breath in and get used to this new energy.

June Strain: You’ve put in the work, and you’re ready to shine. A special, uplifting sativa, Purple Dragon will keep you motivated in a very tasty way. It’s a smooth smoke (grape, flower, and berry make up its pleasant taste) with a delightfully compelling aroma, and it creates a subtle, one-of-a-kind body buzz.

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Original zodiac illustrations by Kaela Graham for Leafly. IG: @kaelagraham

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