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The Cheapest Cannabis in Canada, After Taxes & Delivery Fees

Published on November 2, 2018 · Last updated November 10, 2022
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Cannabis, now legal across Canada, is a good reason to rejoice! Though it’s not just rules and regulations that differ province by province. The cost of a single gram can vary wildly depending on which region you reside in.

While the cheapest selection in-store might vary based on availability, this snapshot highlights the provincial taxes and delivery costs (unavoidable in areas where physical retail is absent) that can increase prices exorbitantly.

Just take a look at the difference between New Brunswick, where a gram can be purchased for a mere $8.99–taxes in!–compared to the Northwest where after taxes and delivery, a single gram could run you nearly $27.Learn About Cannabis in Canada

British Columbia

BC Cannabis Stores boasts 16 strains priced at $6.99 per gram, but THC Hybrid from THC Biomed Ltd. comes in as the store’s current best seller. Of course, GST (5%) and PST (7%) are not included in sale price and if you’re not in the vicinity of the province’s sole physical retailer in Kamloops, expect to pay a flat fee of $10 for delivery plus taxes.

BC Cannabis


Mango Haze from Kiwi Cannabis is one of two fruity strains sold by Alberta Cannabis for the low price of $9.24 per gram (plus 5% GST). For the convenience of delivery, add another $9.95.


Private retailers are able to set their own prices in Saskatchewan, and while there are several physical retail locations across the province, online stores had yet to launch at publication time. Fire and Flower, with outlets in Yorkton and North Battleford reports that users can pay $7.33 per gram for two Plain Packaging strains, Balance and Indica. GST (5%) and PST (6%) are not included in the purchase price.


Among the cheapest cannabis in Manitoba, find Strawberry Ice and Mango Haze from Kiwi Cannabis at Meta Cannabis Supply Co. in Winnipeg. Priced at $7.99 per gram plus 5% sales tax, you can save on the $10 delivery charge when picking up in person.

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Physical retail stores aren’t expected to launch until spring 2019 in Ontario. In the meantime, Liiv’s Buddah Haze is available from the Ontario Cannabis Store online. At $7.95 per gram, the indica dominant hybrid offers a lot of bang for your buck. HST is included in the sale price but delivery will cost you a flat $5.


Online and at locations of the SQDC, find two strains from Solei–Harmoniser, an indica, and Renouer, a sativa–priced from $8.50 per gram. Too bad TPS (5%) and TVQ (9.975%) are not included in the sale price. We included the delivery cost ($5) as well because it’s less than the cost of a return trip on the STM.

New Brunswick

Liiv’s Kinky Kush for $8.99 per gram ranks among the cheapest bud from Cannabis NB and the price already includes taxes! With 20 Cannabis NB stores open across the province most residents can also skip the $7 online delivery fee.

Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Liquor Commission (NSLC) reportedly sells several strains by Solei and FIGR from $8.49 per gram–though you can’t pursue the selection without an access code acquired in person from one of 106 NSLC locations throughout the province. A dozen of these NSLC locations also sell cannabis so many Nova Scotians can save on shipping costs.

Prince Edward Island

The cheapest cannabis on the Island is, No. 17 from FIGR, an indica-dominant hybrid named after its ideal storage temperature (17ºC). This pot from Prince Edward Island Cannabis Corporation is priced $7.39 per gram. If you can’t make it to one of the four standalone retail stores, expect to pay another $7 for delivery.

Newfoundland & Labrador

While Cannabis NL promises that a dozen strains of Eve & Co. Cannabis are coming soon at a price of $6.89 per gram, the cheapest cannabis on The Rock is currently a sativa dominant hybrid called Time Warp A3 from Emerald Health Therapeutic. Add another 15% for HST and $10 for shipping when ordering online.


Aphria’s Alien Dawg, a cross between Chemdawg and Alien Technology, is not only the cheapest cannabis from Cannabis Yukon, but in all of the Territories. Even still, the indica strain for $10.09 (taxes in!) will run you more than double after delivery.

Northwest Territories

The long winters that encompass NWT make Canaca’s Alien Dawg at $13.13 strain the perfect, affordable strain stocked online by the Northwest Territories Liquor and Cannabis Commission. Just be sure to account for the 5% GST and maybe buy more than a gram at a time to save on shipping costs.


Available in Nunavut exclusively from Tweed’s online store, Lemon Skunk Bud is the most budget-friendly option on the menu. Priced at $13.49 per gram plus $9 shipping and 5% GST, expect your minimum spend to total more than a twenty.

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