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Star Signs + Strains: July 2019 Horoscopes

Published on July 1, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
(Kaela Graham/Leafly)

Eclipse season has arrived, Star Watchers! And this one is not messing around. On July 2 we have a total solar eclipse on the New Moon in Cancer, and on July 16 we have a partial lunar eclipse on the Full Moon in Capricorn. Mercury stations retrograde on July 7 and will stay there through July 31.

The theme for July is: Turn and face the strange, ch-ch-changes!

Eclipses ask us to take stock of what is and isn’t working in our lives, and they offer bountiful rewards. Retrogrades, on the other hand, ask us to press the pause button and to sit with our thoughts and feelings before taking action.

This month, we, as a collective, are going to question who we are, what we’re doing, and who we’re doing what with.


Happy Birthday, soft-shelled one! Your very own fireworks show kicks off with a bang on July 2 when a total solar eclipse coincides with the New Moon in your sign. You may have been feeling the urge to transform some areas of your life recently.

The energy of this particular celestial event, combined with Venus entering your sign on July 3, and a partial lunar eclipse at the Full Moon on July 16, means you’ll be getting some serious support from the Universe. Use it wisely.

When Mercury stations retrograde on July 7, it’s going to make things murky, so lean into self-care and check in with your intuition. Transform tired patterns in your relationships—not only those you have with other people but also the one you have with yourself.

July Strain: Why not celebrate your birthday in the most delicious way possible?

Try a wake-and-bake strain like Blueberry Pancakes, a tasty hybrid that hits all the notes of its namesake, exhibiting an aroma of blueberry, grape, and fresh dough. Blueberry Pancakes is also a useful strain when medicating for anxiety as well as physical pain.

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Eclipse season is going to be combustive, scorching, and full of hot lava for you, kitten. If you don’t watch your every move, you’re likely to incur some third-degree burns.

Mars begins the month in your sign on July 1, and this fiery energy could find you feeling larger than life, as if you are wielding untold power. Take some of that warrior Mars energy and turn it inward at the total solar eclipse on the New Moon on July 2. Beware the ego, because on July 7 Mercury stations retrograde in your sign and this intersection could find you stepping in the muck.

Venus enters your sign on July 27 right before a second New Moon in your sign on July 31, and you might find yourself igniting a hot summer romance as a reward.

July Strain: Hey, big kitty! Keep your cool in the summer heat with a strain that promotes happiness and relaxation and has physical effects that aren’t too overwhelming.

Strong notes of blueberry and chocolate make Chocolate Rain as pleasant to smoke as its effects are to experience (double chocolate actually, its parentage a cross of Chocolope and DJ Short’s Cocoa Kush).

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The sheer excess of water and fire energy this month is going to challenge your sense of control, stability, and routine. Mercury stations retrograde on July 7, there is a total solar eclipse at the first of two New Moons on July 2, and a partial lunar eclipse at the Full Moon on July 16.

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The good news is that the Full Moon occurs in fellow earth angel Capricorn, so unsteady footing you experience mid-month should get a grounding boost.

The Universe is asking you to be more aware of the environments you exist in and the external interactions in which you participate. What do you agree to in your relationships, and how is that working (or not working) for you? Spoiler alert: it’s all about what you give your energy to. The choice is yours.

July Strain: Redirecting energy and focus will serve Virgos well this summer. Strawberry Ice, a heady, energetic strain, is just the prescription for staying active and motivated throughout your day. Strawberry aromas blend with a bold strawberry flavor and undertones of mint for a pleasantly potent smoke. Strawberry Ice is an excellent choice for creative and emotional endeavors.

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The total solar eclipse at the New Moon on July 2 and the partial lunar eclipse at the Full Moon on July 16 are both going to mess with your balance this month. What have you been ignoring within yourself in an attempt to keep the peace in your environments and/or relationships?

For change to happen, you have to put yourself (and your needs) first. Believe us when we say everyone will be happier when you’re in line with your true self. You’ll attract those who will help you flourish versus those who will drain your battery.

July Strain: Jump start your emotional (and actual) housework with Pink Hawaiian. Also known as Hawaiian Pink, this fabled cross of Hawaiian and Cotton Candy Kush is a sweet daytime strain that can induce an invigorating euphoria perfect for outdoor activities, social gatherings, and those deep, one-on-one convos you want to keep on a positive level. Sweetness, tropical flavors, and honey flavors make this a treat for dessert-loving Libras.

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Caution: Highly flammable! Mercury stations retrograde on July 7 in explosive Leo before moving into sensitive Cancer on July 19, and this emotional rollercoaster could ignite some unnecessary personal drama in your relationships if you’re not doing your work. You’re a natural investigator, but Mercury in retrograde is going to do its best to muddle the lens of your magnifying glass.

Practice being kind to yourself when suspicious or critical thoughts arise. Lean on the Venus in Cancer energy that will be available to you from July 3 through July 27. After all, water is the best way to extinguish a flame.

July Strain: Giving yourself a strong case of the giggles will provide much-needed relief for July’s emo rollercoaster ride. Strawberry Lemonade lives up to its summery name with heavy notes of strawberry and citrus. A buzzy sativa that, when used in doses, reduces the pesky Scorp urge to “sting first and ask questions later” with a puff. Larger quantities will produce a goofy euphoria.

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Both Mercury and Mars will begin the month in a fellow fire sign: Leo. Then on July 7 Mercury stations retrograde, still in Leo. Translation: You are going to be feeling the heat and itching for something new this month. Like, so new you wanted it yesterday.

Let the total solar eclipse at the New Moon on July 2 in Cancer soothe your impatience. You don’t want to burn out before the best days of summer. Slow and steady is your mantra for July. Take a day trip or a spontaneous beach day. Breathe.

July Strain: Slow and steady, you say? With a high THC count, Chiquita Banana leads with a potent, heady sizzle which then melds into a Kushy body buzz that is relaxing but not sedative. Just where you need to be this month.

Note: The “Kush effects” of Chiquita Banana are for real. It is a creeper strain, so dose appropriately. It also makes for a giggly, light high, just right for socializing.

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A massive earthquake is on its way to you. Are you prepared, earth angel? The total solar eclipse at the New Moon on July 2 and the partial lunar eclipse at the Full Moon on July 16 are going to rock your boat.

The solar eclipse will ask you to turn inward to see what rigid foundations you’re holding onto that aren’t serving you so well. The lunar eclipse will give you a glimpse of how things could be for you if there were more ease, grace, and space available.

With Mercury stationing retrograde it’s time for you to do some self-evaluation. Have you been standing in your own way? Let Mars in go-getting Leo, and Venus in caretaking Cancer, assist you in expanding. It’s time to bloom.

July Strain: Will July rock your world, or will your world rock July? The answer may be found in Caramel Candy Kush, a hybrid of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Ms. Universe. Surprise! Caramel Candy Kush boasts the flavors of sugary caramel, fruity notes of cherries and grapes, and a creamy coffee finish. Your palate will be very, very pleased as you approach this month’s challenges in a state of calm clarity.

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Mercury stations retrograde in fiery Leo on July 7, making it easy to put your foot in your mouth and hurt some feelings. The total solar eclipse at the New Moon on July 2 and the partial lunar eclipse at the Full Moon on July 19 are going to do their very best to get you to see your free-spirited self.

You pride yourself on being unattached to people, places, and things, but no one is an island. Practice being present in your interactions and experiences, star child, and you might find that you like what the embodiment offers you.

July Strain: Apply the creative, upbeat focus of Sweet Pebbles to your emotional homework this month. Bred by Fire Bros. in Washington, this aromatic strain with uplifting, happy effects is also a tasty summer treat. Sweetness, berry, and citrus notes are accompanied by dreamy, euphoric effects (brought on by stronger dosing) that are perfect for reflecting on and adding intention to potentially unpleasant interactions.

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With so many celestial events happening this month, your intuitive curiosity is not only going to be on fire but could also find you reeling in the ether.

The partial lunar eclipse at the Full Moon on July 16 in Capricorn will show you where your support systems are here on planet Earth. Venus moves into tender and nurturing Cancer on July 3 and connection is possible for you, but only if you show up.

You’re not alone on this earthy landscape and it’s time you acknowledge just how many people love and care for you, lucky fish.

July Strain: Try to keep yourself from bouncing off the metaphysical walls this month with a little Cannalope Kush. It will get you where you need to be and will make it a whole lotta fun to be there. Woody, earthy, and sweet, CK has layers of genetic influence that deliver a pleasant, light smoke alongside an energetic burst of cerebral activity and euphoria.

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July is all about bottle rockets and roman candles, firestarter. The comet Chiron, which represents our wounds and sensitivities, stations retrograde on July 8 in your sign, where it has been since February of 2018 and will remain through 2027.

When Chiron is in Aries, we are asked to look at our identity, with a capital “I.” This celestial body’s retrograde motion combined with the two eclipses this month AND Mercury retrograde will have you questioning who and how you want to be in the world.

Our advice: Look within and trust what you find there. When you get confused, it means the mirror is probably dirty. Harness the firepower of Mars in Leo that drops right out of the gate on July 1 to wipe the smudges away and clear up any self-doubt. The only expectations you have to meet in this life are your own.

July Strain: Turning your focus inward and keeping a positive mindset are key to surviving the cosmic chaos ahead. Sugar Cookie, a relaxing strain with an aromatic sweetness, will take the edge off July’s heat.

Tropical fruit and berry flavors highlight this strain’s potent three-way cross between Crystal Gayle, Blue Hawaiian, and Sensi Star. It can be a mild sedative or a real knockout strain, so medicate accordingly.

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The two eclipse events this month will allow you to ground into your physical experience and take an inventory of the seeds you’ve been planting so far this year. Which ones have produced growth of some kind and which ones are stuck in the soil?

If you can view the abundance of Cancer and Leo energy from a place of support, you’ll tidy up your manifestation game. Mercury in retrograde is asking you to evaluate rather than to act. Wait for Leo season to make any big moves. Instead, lean into those dreamy Cancer vibes and brainstorm, plan, and journal.

Significant shifts are on the horizon, and you’ll want to be ready and rested when they arrive.

July Strain: Leaning into those dreamy Cancer vibes? Root Beer Kush has you covered. When couch lock is meant to be a blessing and not a curse, this strain’s mix of giggly, relaxed, euphoria and true root beer scent and taste will take your brain to new heights while keeping your behind firmly planted.

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Your ruling planet Mercury stations retrograde on July 7 in grandstanding Leo, and we all know what makes a fire grow don’t we? Oxygen—that is, you.

Take note how you spend your mental energy this month. Cultivate thoughts and ideas that will propel you forward, especially professionally, and resist the urge to look in the rearview mirror.

Mars in Leo will provide you with the necessary spark to move toward what you really want to do with your life. Don’t waste it! Things can change, cosmic twin, but you’ve gotta believe it to see it.

July Strain: Staying positive and thinking forward is always a wise course of action, but this month, it is essential to your well-being. Jumpstarting change is pleasantly painless with the help of a super sativa like Green Candy. Sweet, spicy, and earthy, this blend of Kandy Kush and Green Crack is also known for its sexy side effects, namely boosting the libido. Make like a fortune cookie and “stay positive and forward thinking” in bed. 😉

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Original zodiac illustrations by Kaela Graham for Leafly. IG: @kaelagraham

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